updates on work, pet, pain (meds and food mention, long) 

Sooo updates on things and stuff!

We ended up leaving the office half an hour earlier which was fine, we didn't do anything job-related at all for the whole day though.
When we got home, we cleaned the kitchen a bit to make room for the friend that came over tonight - we cooked a very good dinner together and talked about everything and nothing for hours. It was so good. She mostly visited to help distract us from the sick pet, but ended up helping with that, too! She held a treat for the rat to lick while we tried to dab some enzyme cream onto the wound (it's really impossible to do it alone) and the furbaby did really well! She ended up smearing both the treat and the cream all over her sister but... It's fine. It probably won't hurt her and she's still getting some benefits I'm sure.

Now we're super tired but also thankful, and happy, for the first time in a week or longer.
Also our tooth doesn't hurt as much anymore!


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