work, dissociation 

I have no idea how our job works this is a little bit of a problem~ Apparently Ibuprofen increases dissociative barriers? 🐼 and I had complete amnesia between us for a long time (but we've been working hard on reducing that, and that worked well so far!) and today they're pretty much invisible to me. I know they're there somewhere but I can't make them front or even coconscious so they can't share their work memories. It's okay as long as nobody asks what I'm doing tho. Let's hope no one does that. I can go home in about 3hrs :C



re: work, dissociation (+) 

I found something to do that doesn't involve actual work! The legal name change isn't properly announced yet so I am trying to figure that out!

re: work, dissociation (+) 

Huh, we still have 2 hours of overtime and I don't work anyway. Maaaybe I'll just leave early? Yeah. I'll do that.

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