pain, doctors, pets (~) 

So, one of my molars is dead af, the dentist cleaned it and stuff so it should be okay in a few days, but the medication won't take full effect until in about 48-72h. My mouth is still pretty numb but it's starting to wake up and I see what he meant by "won't take full effect"...

On top of that mess, my pet rat is still not well. Her swelling has gone away almost completely, but she still struggles with cleaning herself properly and doesn't let me do it either. She's eating and drinking afaik, so it's not immediate danger zone anymore, but the vet didn't have an appointment until Thursday morning -.-" I have to take another day off work then, but better than letting her suffer for even longer.


pain, doctors, pets (~) 

Pain sucks. Condolences and hope you both feel better soon.

pain, doctors, pets (~) 

@the_panda_system Ouch :( I hope you both get well soon.

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