(long) intro toot 

So, toot!
We're the Panda System and we're very glad to be here.

Nanouk is the host and mainly fronts/toots. Signs toots with 🐼 Interests: , , and others

Mask is a protector and often coconscious. Signs with ☯️, interested in and witchy stuff.

Atty is a child and signs with 🐻 - often out when there's fun to be had!, Also

Christian is relatively new to this system and probably has a warped sense of justice. Signs with 🕯️Interested in and

The cat is a literal cat headmate and therefore doesn't type. When talked about, we use 🐱/🐈 depending on whether they were conscious or in the innerworld.

Kat is our sexual trauma holder and barely fronts. Signs with 💖 She's interested in everything soft, , and the sea.

If you want, you can give us a follow! Our former main is and we are also on 😊


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