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neptune_ebooks is not a savings account or something 

Good morning Café, we'd like to announce that our sleep has been disturbed by random patients wandering into our room not once, not twice, but FIVE times last night >.>

We're not doing too well after that.


Need a job?

Currently mostly UK and North America jobs listed but it only just launched.

#jobs #work #work-needed

Quidditch in 2009 was this ridiculous sport that "real athletes" didn't take seriously and it was fun and silly and weird

By ~ 2014 it was overrun by dudebros who had made "turning quidditch into a legit sport" one of the official goals of the quidditch association

I kind of want to do this to a legit sport, but in reverse

Get a bunch of non-athletes, nerds, queer people, weirdos, whoever, invade that sport, take it over and start slowly changing rules so that it eventually becomes Calvinball

manipulative ass, but positive experience 

I don't really believe in robots that will be hell bent on destroying humanity when they gain sentience. Like have you ever really watched a human? We pack bond with inanimate objects. We give names to everything from our phones, to cars, to coffee pots, and satellites. We say thank you to things for doing their jobs. We actively mourn having to get rid of unusable tech. I mean scientists taught the Mars Rover to sing Happy birthday to itself and bought a cake to celebrate with it, so.. like..

neptune_ebooks looks like a... 

aspects of buny:

1: exceptionally soff

2: HUGE fuckin paws, like jesus, like wow those are big

3: *hop hop*


5: *nose twitch thing*

Hey tech-inclined folks and #mastodev peeps! I'd love to make a bot that toots out a small piece of text every couple of hours, randomly chosen from a big collection (that I have yet to create so I'm very flexible with what the source for the bot would be)

How do I do that? "Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet" doesn't seem to be the tool for this kind of bot. I'd have access to server space but so far 0 programming knowledge, especially not Python.

Pls boost this!

"You can either respect nature or return to it" is such a powerful threatening quote and it's from fuckin Dragonball

another thing to consider about #autism is that everyone exists in relation to their environment and that a condition is only considered “disordered” if it impedes your function.

if you think you might be #autistic, don’t judge yourself on how you handle people, places, and situations you’re comfortable with, ones with routines you can predict.

instead, examine how you react to the unknown, when something doesn’t go as planned in a space you can’t predict or control. how do you recover?

meds, metaphorical food (+) 

Okay well do we beg for money or not, make up your mind in there...


neptune_ebooks ate that stuff cold in the 1800s 

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