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So, toot!
We're the Panda System and we're very glad to be here.

Nanouk is the host and mainly fronts/toots. Signs toots with 🐼 Interests: , , and others

Mask is a protector and often coconscious. Signs with ☯️, interested in and witchy stuff.

Atty is a child and signs with 🐻 - often out when there's fun to be had!, Also

Christian is relatively new to this system and probably has a warped sense of justice. Signs with 🕯️Interested in and

The cat is a literal cat headmate and therefore doesn't type. When talked about, we use 🐱/🐈 depending on whether they were conscious or in the innerworld.

Kat is our sexual trauma holder and barely fronts. Signs with 💖 She's interested in everything soft, , and the sea.

If you want, you can give us a follow! Our former main is @pandanouk and we are also on @pandanouk 😊


The new trendy life problem of the summer: why the fuck is there a hornet in my house get it out oh no guess I'll leave the house and hope my cat eats it


Can someone recommend a good VPN to use within the US?

animal death, coping skills, dissociation 

One of our pets went to sleep a few hours ago. We are now entering the void™, a state of mind where we all just leave. We will probably not remember anything from tonight, so I guess we will see you tomorrow. (where, ironically, we'll go and pick up two new friends for the fur babies)


the law of ADHD:

if it is not directly in front of me, it does not exist

Hello, here's our irregular "we still exist" toot. We completely forgot about the concept of time for a few weeks again so multiplicitymay is kinda over already, but we also did a lot of things so it's okay for us. If you want specific prompts answered, we'll try our best! We'll just use it as a "get to know me" thing.


If you have a bit of motivation, how about finally removing this stuff that you've been falling over for longer than you dare admit?

Yo anyone have a lead on some nice trans flag fabric I can use to make a mask?

(No, buying a pre-made mask will NOT work because of my awfully shaped head and they’re always too small I need to make a specific one that works for me)

anyone know of any cheap vegan meal replacements? Or even just. any kind of vegan meal replacements


A bunny wearing a red sweater vest chases a roomba because it has a bunch of carrots strapped onto it.

"Dear writer,
Do you identify as trans and/or non-binary? Are you 18 years old or over? Are you as of yet unpublished and un-agented? We have just the opportunity for you.
We’re excited to announce the JKP Writing Prize, a unique chance to get your work published in a book for the first time."

look all i'm saying is adults can have a little blåhaj to cuddle at night as a treat ok

multiplicitymay day 4 

Day 4: Something a headmate made

This is a day late but it's fine, because today is Christian's birthday! He doesn't actually age, but it's a day where he can front as much as he wants. He doesn't do that much, so he appreciates that we give him a little more attention...
Christian likes to cook, it gets him focused and it feels like he's helping the system by doing it. He also doesn't feel intimidated by heat, which is very helpful. So for his birthday, he tried a new lasagna recipe. We switched in the middle of making the sauce which was really unfortunate, but we're not always in control of it.
If you'd like a picture, give us a shout :3


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multiplicitymay day 3 

Day 3: System/headmate names

Our system name is "Panda" because we love the animal, no one else was using it and there's no reason why we shouldn't 😅 it also makes it pretty easy to find a common avatar and stuff.

Our individual names come from different places. Mask is a very literal interpretation of what we see him as, Christian and Hermione kept (variations) of their sources' names, and other names were either made up or by Googling the things that we identify with to find something name-worthy. Of course, the cat is not really named at all because so far none of the names have been successful in getting it to come to us.


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multiplicitymay day 2 

day2: communication
Our communication has been a journey. We first started talking in our thoughts, Mask arguing with the host and the host searching for reassurance in Mask. We have always been invested in storytelling, and we suspect that we've been using that to talk to each other for at least 18 years. As we grew older, our communication became the normal way of thinking.

Once we learned about multiplicity, we started paying attention to this more. We have started to actively seek each other out, and we recognize the other's presence in the mind. We have started sharing memories with each other and it's been easier to switch.

We don't have big differences in our handwriting, so I don't think it would be useful to write each other notes. We did use a system app for a while, though.


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multiplicitymay day 1 

Sooo, of course I'm late to but what can I do ✌️

Day 1: innerworld
Our innerworld is a beach promenade with colorful house facades along the boardwalk. Some houses are just a front, with gaping holes behind them, others are "real" (Christian lives in one of those).

Atty (our 8-year old Viking) lives in a log cabin that's on the edge of a forest bordering the northern part of the beach. It is a scary place and he keeps most of us from going in there. Mask (ageless protector) might live there, though (idk exactly).

Far away in the south, the beach is bordered by huge cliffs, similar to the Mallorquin cliffs, and Kat sometimes takes morning jogs up to them and back.

Touching water gives a glimpse of the outerworld, going for a swim in the ocean means fronting. I live in one of the holes and have water on the bottom, meaning that I rarely leave front. It took me a while to leave my hole though.

The weather changes depending on the mood.


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