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So, toot!
We're the Panda System and we're very glad to be here.

Nanouk is the host and mainly fronts/toots. Signs toots with 🐼 Interests: , , and others

Mask is a protector and often coconscious. Signs with ☯️, interested in and witchy stuff.

Atty is a child and signs with 🐻 - often out when there's fun to be had!, Also

Christian is relatively new to this system and probably has a warped sense of justice. Signs with 🕯️Interested in and

The cat is a literal cat headmate and therefore doesn't type. When talked about, we use 🐱/🐈 depending on whether they were conscious or in the innerworld.

Kat is our sexual trauma holder and barely fronts. Signs with 💖 She's interested in everything soft, , and the sea.

If you want, you can give us a follow! Our former main is and we are also on 😊


Why EMTs might ask your name or "what happened?" over and over 

It's not because they're bad at taking notes or doubt your story or whatever, it's because they're assessing your neurological function.

People are generally aware of their context. When brain function degrades or is disrupted, people lose that awareness in a way that's extremely consistent depending on severity. The first thing to go is immediate history, then rough time of day, then where you are, and finally who you are.

This is measured and recorded as whether a patient is alert and oriented to their person, place, time, and events -- A+O x0 to A+O x4.

So a provider will ask:
"Can you tell me your name?"
"Where are we right now?"
"About what time of day is it?", and
"Can you tell me what happened?"

possibly many different times.

5 minutes into my shift after the weekend and I'm already crying fuck

He really doesn't want to gender me correctly when he's in his persecutor mindset, huh.

🐼 , who uses they/them

You know what really annoys me? When I get asked to front, get out here, do the shit I'm asked to do and then I cannot complete the task because of things that are out of my control. I am this close to yelling at 🐼 but I know it's not her fault.


Hello again we are still an existence

Dunno if we're going to come back to the Café or not we're very exhausted all the time.

my transition goal is to get it over with quick imo

Junebugging describes an alternative way of cleaning up, specifically for those who struggle with doing it regularly! Spoonie Living has a blog entry about it.

Good morning I want to stay in bed for the rest of my life please

Reminder for non-indigenous folks burning herbs for cleansing and purity to not use white sage, or purchase sage directly from indigenous folks (who can cultivate and protect the herb properly). White sage is endangered.

Today's gender is relaxation and the smell of someone else doing the laundry.

Trans men are men
Trans women are women
Non-binary people deserve 10 bucks and a trip to Taco Bell

Happy International Nonbinary Day, everyone!

If you're binary and you know a nonbinary person, send them some good celebratory emoji!

quirk [GG], dogs, birdsite link 

our datefriend sent us a link to skydogs and i have had it on loop for hours

(vid description: it's two adorable husky-looking dogs walking around and stretching on top of a glass block in the floor. the video is recorded from under the glass, so you're seeing all this from below, as though the dogs are in the sky)

Greetings followers with RSI or other issues that weaken their grip or otherwise make turning tight things difficult. Allow me to present the strap wrench, designed to remove overheated oil filters from huge trucks, which is a mere $10 at the hardware store.

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