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Honestly considering to just call in sick tomorrow - I can't make myself focus and I'm in a constant swing between "I will literally die if anything goes wrong" and "I can't even start caring about the effects of my actions" and that's both very unhelpful.


Question to #polyamory fediverse: someone from one of our group chats recently opened up their relationship with their spouse, and while things are going well, they're feeling the lack of a specifically Christian polyamory community to talk through things with. Are there any resources y'all'd recommend passing along to them - communities, advice columnists, YouTube channels, blogs, whatever?

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c-19 related, isolation, bit of a shitpost 

Happy System Pride Day 

women do friendship face to face, men do friendship side by side, enbies do friendship stacked on top of one another like Pomeranians in a trenchcoat

This is your reminder that the thing you are working on, the hard one you are struggling with that seems to be going nowhere—you’re doing great.

It may not seem like it, but you are.

Progress is rarely linear and visible in the hardest things in our life, but often we look back at those times where struggled the hardest and suffered the most and realized those were times we grew. A lot.

You’re growing right now, and it hurts.

So be kind to yourself.

plurality shitpost 

TFW when you find the literally perfect place to live.

Under your budget
In your favorite part of town
With exactly the amount of rooms you want
With two balconies
With a bathtub
Available in two months

And your partner isn't ready to move out yet. Sadface.


ah yes, adhd, or as I like to call it, “I’m so absent-minded that it’s literally a medical condition”

for those wondering how to establish trade relations with crows:

- feed crows food A regularly
- when crows decide to bring you gifts, feed them food B
- when crows bring you different categories of gifts, feed them a food-per-category, ex: food C for jewelry, food D for paper money, etc
- crows will recognize these exchange patterns and opt to bring you things in order to acquire desired treats

good luck! 🐦

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y'all ever just see a post that's so huge that it takes up your entire screen two times over and just feel your ADHD laughing somewhere inside your head because it knows it's gonna win and you don't stand a chance at reading that huge ass post?


I care for this feral animal with no other conscious goal than to bite the thumbtacks out of my board, tear up my chair, and try to get into the cupboards. I am set with a curse I’ve brought upon myself

heads-up for UK people with overdrafts 

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