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gender is a game and I have decided not to play

Don't worry about us in the next two weeks, we're on vacation with almost no internet! See you soon!

Today was full of things! And now we have to sleep 😴 good night fluffy elephants 😊


whining about wanting friends 

Current level of "in need of a time-out": We find it extremely funny that the mobile Firefox gives us the option to 'switch' to a newly opened tab.


bro you just provided me with an external incentive to complete a task. you are going to invoke the overjustification effect and reduce my motivation over time

therapy (+) (pls don't boost) (very long!) 

self-doubt, feeling invalid 

vent, very self-doubting, therapy (-) 

vent, very self-doubting, therapy (-) 

anytime i see my age im like
whoa what????

Really wishing we hadn't given up our dance practice when we were 16. It was so fun and I felt so free. I want it back.


rant about a PnP-style online RPG and misrepresented plurality + a dash of nonbinary issues 

pet rodent, phone's home screen (+) 

Yo, plural peeps. Thanks for being here. Really appreciate your visibility.

being switchy-flashbacking bc of scent (-) 

inner-system talk, dissociation, feelings (-) 

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