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plural, some sarcasm 

I think I accidentally made a headmate to deal with an unpleasant person but now she has weird favourable views about said person that are very not the established consensus of the system (or possibly reality) and this is totally fine and nothing can possibly go wrong no not at all. -Adelia

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quick warning for folks about element for android 

hey btw, for anyone who might be bothered by this: element for android's latest update added a Feature where the 🎉 or ❄️ emoji in a message will cover the entire chat window in confetti or snow, as does the /confetti command. if you are particularly bothered by this, you can go to

  1. the three dot menu in the upper right
  2. settings
  3. preferences
  4. "show chat effects" at the very bottom

Hmm so the trouble with having most of your system members' alts on one instance (that you don't control) is that when it goes down you're kinda SOL :/

also I looked at the word "decisions" too long and it looks weird lol

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do we make this our main account and ditch our instance? Decisions!!

Why don't we just call ourself the Delaney System?

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plural stuff, question, boosts welcome 

So, to other plural systems. How do you communicate?

Do you have dialogues?
Is it different thoughts that are not your own?
Do head mates have their own voice (as in sound different)?
Do all head mates have the same voice?
Is communication always vocal?

Just having lots of impostor syndrome around the topic, so yeah.

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starting to seriously consider using weird first-person pronouns because we/I (wei?) don't know where these thoughts are coming from but it bugs some of us to not be specific

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begpost+update, boosts+ 

Hi! Thanks to everyone that contributed or boosted the parent post so far 💜 💙

I wish I could say we're in the clear, but we're so far from it. I hate for us to keep asking but that's where we are right now :(

multitober: disorders and disabilities 

We aren't diagnosed with any particular dissociative disorder, but judging by how our memory seems to work we probably have OSDD-1B.

We are also not diagnosed with anything on the spectrum, but we definitely have tendencies.

We are going blind thanks to retinopathy. It was something we first noticed 15-ish years ago and once we had our blood pressure and sugar readings under control we didn't worry about it. However the stress from the pandemic, election cycle, and our living situation made things extremely bad and it's getting harder and harder to read and make out things thanks to new blind spots. We're trying to get things under control again and see what can be done.

I guess we should mention we're diabetic and have trouble with our blood pressure, since both cause the above problem. Previous hosts (me included) were extremely apathetic about the body thanks to dysphoria and let them go untreated for entirely too long.


We may go back and fill in some multitober posts later today, perhaps


Aaand now it really has been a year since we realised.

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And Adelia's back!! And she's keeping Del as a nickname but prefers the full name again. Who knows?? She and Lane fluctuate like that every time they do the merging thing lol

And Kade is like super cool! He's inventive! Every time he fronts he figures out some super cool solution to some ongoing problem, which is fucking awesome!!

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I guess we've got manageable growth here lol

we only discovered like four more existing members and only had two new splits

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dang we're coming up on the anniversary of us figuring out the whole plural thing already!!

multitober 2020: roles 

We used to have some fairly clear-cut "traditional" roles for a bit, but things are weeird right now so who knows??

I'm host now!! I was kind of a protector before, being a super friendly and disarming presence. I guess I still am?? Del used to be the de-facto host but she and Lane were more like co-hosts.

Lane was our emotional protector. They were extremely good at it until Del's depression got worse and they became run down. Eventually Lane integrated with Del as a last-ditch effort to keep Del from being a danger to the system. It kinda worked 😬

We don't really know what Delaney's role is yet. We're all just trying to keep her propped up right now :(

Mena is most definitely a protector.

Kade? No idea. He seems reaalllly annoyed with our complete lack of focus lol is there a role name for that??



Our system pronouns are she/her and (covertly plural) they/them.

Mena, DeeDee, and I (Dani) use she/her exclusively.

Delaney (formerly Adelia and Lane Delaney) use she, they, and occasionally it.

Kade uses he and they.

The Axe Man, we assume, uses he.


multitober 2020: sexuality, probably a little lewd sorry 😆 

Overall we call ourself lesbian, tho technically we lean more in the direction of sapphic pansexual. Del, Mena, and I are all mostly that, tho we all tend to have our own individual labels being used to mean the same thing even if the actual words we each use aren't "technically" accurate?? Del uses "sapphic pan" and "lesbian" interchangeably. Mena just uses generic "gay". I use "gayyyy lol" because, uh, I dunno, I like showing how unseriously I take some labels??

Lane is, well, Lane :P
(They're like mostly aro/ace, but like, *I've* personally gotten to see the rare and elusive other side of that "mostly" 😏 )

Hey did I mention I'm kind of a slut?? I'm the one that got us into posting the good lewds (not on *this* account lol)

The Axe Man? Uh, who knows? Probably straight??


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