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Fedi culture is wondering which alt will hold all the (family -) during the visit

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I didn't realise how nice it would be to finally have adelia as my username :)

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Her: home soon?
Us: Had to finish something up. We're on <road name>
Her: we?
Us: oops me
Us: Not sure why I put that

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And maybe that's just it: we lost a lot of self-confidence in our abilities where that was concerned. There has to be either a feeling of "fuck it I'm writing some crap to fill up space and I don't care what people think about it" or "fuck yeah I'm good at this shit and I'm going to share it with the world and they'll love it and if they don't something's wrong with them not me".

Mena falls squarely in the latter category.


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It's just kinda weird to see a few lines of lyrics for a song I've tried to finish for years and say that I remember writing those lyrics but I didn't write those lyrics.


Something we didn't expect:

Mena has all of our super creative/analytic abilities where it comes to music and lyrics/poetry.

We thought we lost all of that?

Technically we (Lane and I) did, I guess.



Okay the day may be a little further in the future (like a couple of days). Whew.


Hey nerds,

There's a lot of Mena today. Probably because a day we've been dreading is near.

Guess we'll have to change our name to Usna.

(haha we made you think about "anus", didn't we?)


Us: *emphatic pointing at both things behind her back noises*

Us: I don't feel like me when it happens

Her: well it's definitely you

*a few minutes pass*

Her: you look like a completely different person when it happens

She said it was weird.

But dreams are weird, so I guess I should have expected it wouldn't be taken seriously.


Just kinda sorta told my partner about the plural stuff. Well, in the sense that I said it was happening in dreams. Just to test the waters.


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