My clock is ticking again, so as the body just turned 39, I just turned 31!

I took a huge step toward healing two weeks ago and I guess that was enough!


re: sexuality, ace stuff 

like, even the memories of doing anything remotely horny just feel like they're fake?

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sexuality, ace stuff 

were any of us *ever* allosexual?

Okay that does it. We're calling our system The Alder Grove now.

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New profile pic: A lane going through an alder grove

Our internal surname is Delaney (derived from d'Alanae)

The name Delaney means "of the alder grove".

Our headspace is a forest clearing.

This is meaningful as fuck lol

We do kiiiiinda wonder if Adelia and Lane merged because stuff's been weird but eh we'll leave that alone for now.

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Profile revamp and pruning inactive members who may or may not have existed in the first place. Hi Plural Cafe!

Get yourself an admin that actually uses their instance

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Once again we contemplate making this our main account.

Hello friends I think sidekiq croaked on

selfies, eye contact 


There's a couple more in the same style as the red one. Will probably try and post later 😊

Woo gift cards and a dress sale at Old Navy lol

abuser mention 

Starting to think it may be wise to cool it on the urge to rain hellfire and vengeance upon our abusers. -Mena

No idea how this is going to go tonight. In a weirdass mood but I really wanna talk to people instead of withdrawing. -Adelia

help- asking for advice, closeted trans stuff 

help, i need to get my license plates renewed (US), and i needed an emissions test to do that. since my dad told me to reregister the plates, i figured i could use my preferred name on the test (which turned out fine). now he says HES going to submit the forms needed for the plates (as the car is in his name) but im not out to him and my preferred name is on this document! i tried to tell him i could but he insisted he do it since he has the other pieces needed for submission. would it be illegal to white out and change the name on the form, or should i scan it and print it as a PDF so i can fill in new text? idk what the best option here is but i want to be legit if possible. and for reference- the place where my preferred name was was NOT dependent on the license or holder of the vehicle so thats why I could use it.

mh(-), re: selfie, eye contact 

tbh right now holding the garfield is the only thing keeping my anxiety in check


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selfie, eye contact 

Felt vaguely pretty today. Hi! -Adelia

Might post a selfie on main, though. I do feel kinda pretty today.

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Guessing we're hiding here today because it's a little more intimate or something -Adelia

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