I really don't know what's going on with us this week. -???


Am *I* frontstuck now? What could possibly go wrong?


re: trauma mention 

It's trauma all the way down, folx!!

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trauma mention 

We have a system member who is a trauma response to a trauma response. Is that even how this works??

Meta-wise I feel like maybe I picked a good day to check out?


Maybe we'll stick with this system name for a while longer? 🤷‍♀️

pluralphobia, subtoot at person not here 

Omg you've known we're here for four months now and you're *still* freaking out when we refer to ourself as "we".

Oof having Mena back around really brings out our sarcasm sorry y'all!!

Anyone else get dizzy when you front longer than usual?? -Dani

I just took a 24-hour break from existence. As the cool kids say, AMA


I am attempting to use Del's voice to hide that I am here from the partner. It is deeply confusing.

-Lane (60% sure)

Just came out to a super-curated subset of facebook friends. Let's hope they're cool with us 👀

- Del & Dani

The pattern that I have noticed is overwhelming emotions coming from someone else that Del feels she has no capacity to deal with. The question here is: whose emotional protector am I exactly?


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I am still here. Why?

I will admit it was nice to have the majority of a day (rather than a few minutes at a time) to do some things, though.


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Oh, our lack of sleep for the past two nights is likely why. -Lane

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This is the most clearly in front I have been in a while. -Lane

subtoot at adelia 

If you really want to have your spoonerism or portmanteau said out loud maybe you should front.


You ever have a system-mate decide to say that somewhat confrontational thing you had wanted to say for ages and then leave you to deal with the fallout? :/

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