rel, pluralphobia 

uuuuuggh she knows we're plural she figured out we had switched and she treated me like I'm some kind of horrible demon that possessed Alana 😔

like fuck even playing it off as "voice training" didn't get her to calm down about it

She's not really *my* partner in any way other than a being married to Alana but fuck that really seals the deal don't it?? -Dani

Like especially with so much other shit going on?

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I might be feeling jealousy toward a system-mate and I don't know what to do with this feeling :/ -Del

I would very much enjoy not being so spacey when I front. -Lane

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selfies, eye contact 

Missed posting for Fine Femme Friday but have one for today, Something Something Saturday.

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selfie, eye contact, talk of boobs and seatbelts 

Transition achievement unlocked: seatbelt boob squeeze.

Next up: boob-activated seatbelt displacement.

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mh (--), plural 

So, uhh, Del had a pretty bad breakdown earlier and I think she and Lane are going to take a hiatus for, um, a bit??

Mena and I are going to be holding down the fort and and uh yeah this is going to be weird :/


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handshake meme, plurality, mh 

co-consciousness 🤝 ADD
"Let's do this."
"No, let's do that."
"No no, let's do that instead!"

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parent, musing on my origin (lane) 

I think I might be partially a factive of Alana's father. It took a rather deadpan and slightly dispassionate text from him for me to see it. Our partner, despite not recognizing me as myself, always comments whenever I am fronting that I am talking like him. I also have the same ambiguously gendered leanings as him (but obviously I acted on mine). There is definitely a more human side to him that I appear to have discarded, but I cannot not see him in my mannerisms now. fine. Maybe.


re: rel (-) & pluralphobia adjacent, some caps 

we're thinking, though, it would likely be prudent to try and explain our frustration with her lack of acceptance before discounting her entirely maybe, regardless of the final outcome

-Del & Lane

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youtube link 

It's the presentation on coming out by Sky Squad, just in case anyone's interested.

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rel (-) & pluralphobia adjacent, some caps 

We were watching a presentation on coming out as plural, and in the section on partners they said if your partner isn't accepting the news and won't acknowledge your systemmates it's gonna be pretty damaging and it's probably time to find a new partner. WELP.

Uh well we finally looked up the lyrics to a song and we may have figured out why it triggers me (and sometimes Mena too) to come out. -Dani

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oh hey we just got reminded that tomorrow starts Plural Acceptance Week and the (Plural Positivity World Conference)!

i think this is their 2nd annual, and we weren't there for the first one so we don't know much about it. looks like a lot of neat sessions being aired on youtube, though. schedule is at

There's talk of this being Plural Pride Week?? -Dani

I really don't know what's going on with us this week. -???


Am *I* frontstuck now? What could possibly go wrong?


re: trauma mention 

It's trauma all the way down, folx!!

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