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introductions meta 

Re-doing our introductions because we can no longer pin everyone’s.

All introduction posts will be replies to this one.

masto tech meta 

Our mastodon client won’t display more than 4 pieces of profile metadata, which is kind of unfortunate because it means not everyone’s pronouns are visible :/

plural Name thoughts, suppressing headmates 

Considering there’s like 3 famous people named Em on the fediverse, it kind of feels like we stole name but it’s actually shorthand for some really embarrassing thing we came up when we first realized we were plural many years ago (we later suppressed the idea and me because we wanted to fit in with neurotypicals)


Language, pol 

Finding the „correct“ grammatical forms of my neopronouns after months of using them „wrongly“ is a bit embarrassing.

On the other hand: I‘m an anarchist.
No lords,
No masters,
No grammar rules


If I ever build a social media thingie for plural systems, I’ll make it so that one can create an unlimited amount of accounts with a single mail address.
Then people could see the correct cute avatar whenever we post

(Not that we don’t like our combined avatar but it would be cool)

spoon/ sleep issues(?) 

Sometimes we get the thought "I’m a tired" but then we realize we’re actually multiple tireds, which explains a lot

The only downside is that now we want to be able to shapeshift even more..

I guess that’s yet another popular media enby cliche I fit -s

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We now have created picrew avatars for all headmates as well as the system as a whole and the process of getting to this point was pretty neat..

Got us to think a bit more about ourselves, what differentiates us etc.. also the avatars are like.. really cute, which is a huge plus. -s

Sorry for spamming the local tl and introductions hashtag .-.

Interestingly the highest possible number of pinned toots is the number of our known headmates +1. I guess if more people show up we‘ll have to find a better way to pin their introduction.

introductions, relationships 

We’re a system that’s just recently stopped suppressing the idea that we are more than one person.
After having a very shitty experience telling one of our partners about it, we decided we wouldn’t out ourselves publicly at the moment. We however really want to speak publicly about our experiences and meet other systems so we decided to create an account that’s pretty separate from our existing fediverse identities.

This is the first in a small wave of introduction posts ^^

(Not as a thread so we can CW individually and delete and redraft later)

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.