introductions meta 

Re-doing our introductions because we can no longer pin everyone’s.

All introduction posts will be replies to this one.

introductions, the whole system 

The overall system is, for lack of a better name, called "the plenum".

Most of the stuff the system says or does comes from us. Basically everything that two or more people want or decide on together.

Because we want everyone to be heard, we’re not a democratic plenum and may come off as moody sometimes when different people get more of a say than usually.

We’re very queer and very leftist.

Pronouns are they/them.

Posts made by us will not be signed in any specific way.

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introductions Michelle, trauma 

I‘m Michelle and... this is difficult.

I’m the "inner child" of this system and not very vocal since I am the one who seems to be dealing with most of our traumatic experiences.

When I front I either hide away, screw up conversations or go into shutdown, which is unfortunate.

While I do love cuddling with the right people, I usually hate touch, even from one of our partners.

My pronouns are she/her and, I’ll sign my posts with with -m

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introductions Lenia, kink adjacent 

My name‘s Lenia and I am one of the older people in this system.

I even showed myself when the body was still a teen but ended up hiding away after a breakup with another headmate (yeah, we used to date inside this head before even knowing we’re plural)

My personality was mostly interpreted as part of jenny, which is why I was able to hide a bit longer than others and while I am similar to jenny, while nin‘s a sub I’m not .-.

My pronouns are she/ her and I’ll sign posts with -L

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introductions Syd, sex mention 

I‘m Syd, I am so original, I named myself after every single non binary person in popular media. I try to be the cool, invulnerable one but I seem to fail miserably at that.

I’m pretty sex repulsed so please don’t mention that without a cn (so that someone else can front and react) near me.

I‘m some kind of a genderfluid and my pronouns are they/them. My posts will be signed with -s

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introductions jenny, kink adjacent 

I‘m Jenny, the host of the system.

I try to reduce harm in the world with most of my actions. As the host, lots of stuff that I thought was my personality is actually part of someone else so it’s kind of difficult to describe myself. I am certainly a person though.

I wish to be small and cute and can be pretty subby when I really trust someone.

My pronouns are nin/nins and I will sign my posts with -j

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