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introductions meta 

Re-doing our introductions because we can no longer pin everyone’s.

All introduction posts will be replies to this one.

social stuff, plurality 

That internal dissonance of having a headmate who wants to move in a big house with tons of friends and having someone else who hates people and wants to live in the forrest, far away from everyone.

Today the "move away from everyone" voice is a lot louder.

2020 thoughts 

It’s way more difficult to find things that did not change for us in 2020 than to find things that did.

"I need a mastodon account that nobody reads"

"Wouldn’t that just be a diary?"

"Yes but I also want people to be able to read it in theory"

Conversations in this head are weird.

question for people with abandonment issues 

How do you prevent spiraling when you get a negative thought while alone?

I‘m getting better at not immediately crashing but I’m still very prone to spiraling


tip for dissociation, might not actually be helpful 

I have been dissociating quite commonly most of my life and just came up with this yesterday .-.

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tip for dissociation, might not actually be helpful 

When you feel like you’re going to dissociate, try to close your eyes.

It might spare you some pain if you (like me) forget to blink while dissociating.

anxiety, vague 

The alternative would be Michelle or Mia getting an anxiety attack so I guess this is good.

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mh, sport 

Ever get so mad you do burpees?
Because apparently I do

This is also the first time I knowingly front.


introductions „psyduck“ 

Who or what we call our psyduck is a being that tries to diffuse stressful situations by yelling random words (quite commonly an impression of psyduck from detective pikachu)

They just want to lift everyone’s mood but end up scaring people a lot :/

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introductions millenia, lewd 

Millenia used to be suppressed because showing oneself as a hypersexual headmate in a system with an asexual host can be a bit difficult.

Right now she’s living out everything she wasn’t able to before we& „found“ her -behaving like a teen who’s just found out what puberty does to them.

She also wants me to tell you that she find the typo asssexual very funny.
Syd disagrees.

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introductions # 9, toxic relationships 

# 9 does not have a name but they don’t need one.

Basically created from the trauma of a toxic relationship and the wish to never let that happen to us& again, they seem to be emotionally cold and distant, although in reality aren’t.

They’re almost like the polar opposite of Mia

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misinformation, joke 

The color brown is no longer considered canon; it’s just orange with context.

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misinformation, Agnes spoiler, toxic relationships 

Agnes didn’t die. She just realized that the relationship with the author was toxic and is now spending most of her time relaxing at a beach (before she left she stole the author’s credit card)

(I don’t think anyone except germans who were forced to read this book in high school will get this one)

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misinformation, joke, the legend of Zelda 

Link is actually a trans man and a trans woman. As well as a trans and cis non-binary person.

They got reincarnated so often, why would they keep the same gender?

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misinformation, joke, inception spoiler 

The canon meaning of the ending of the movie inception is that Leonardo DiCaprio is really good at spinning those spinny things.

It’s his only marketable skill actually, he just gets cast for so many movies because producers love watching him spin those.

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misinformation, religion joke 

The only thing cannon in religion is that you shouldn’t be an asshole and treat everything around you with respect and love.
Everything else is fanfiction.

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misinformation, joke 

I have been elected as the sole authority who gets to decide what is and is not cannon.

Here follows a thread with some of my decisions:


introductions Ashley 

Ashley here, I’m a weird one. (That doesn’t seem to be that uncommon in this system though)

I love cuddling and even though I’m small and not very strong, I actually really like picking people up and carrying them around (using martial arts techniques the others learned)

I don’t know much about myself except that I am very light hearted and seem to front when the system is feeling very well. I don’t yet have a suffix but maybe I’ll use -A

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introductions Mia, abandonment trauma 

Hi, my name is Mia (like miau, which is how Germans write meow)

I‘m a younger being who seems to impersonates this system‘s abandonment trauma and separation anxiety.

I want to be close with loved ones as much as possible and get lonely rather quickly, which makes me feel bad because I don’t want to depend on anyone.

I am incredibly scared of becoming what this system was when we were still alone all the time but the others tell me that I won’t and that everything is going to be okay.

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introductions Syd, sex mention, imposter syndrome mention 

I‘m Syd, if this System even has a host, it’s probably me.

I am so original, I named myself after every single non binary person in popular media. I try to be the cool, invulnerable one but I seem to fail miserably at that.

I‘m also the one in this system who goes to work and tend to shift between self confidence and imposter syndrome a lot during that.

I’m pretty sex repulsed so please don’t mention that without a cn (so that someone else can front and react) near me.

I‘m some kind of a genderfluid and my pronouns are they/them. My posts will be signed with -s

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