With some delay we wanted to wholehartedly express our deep delight and gratitude towards the great community of Plural Cafe (and friends of other instances) for participating this diligently in the prompts!

We hoped the prompts helped new and old people getting to know each other a bit better or could just enjoy it in some other way.

Thanks to @starfall and @quasar who helped making it happen!

In case you have any feedback or requests regarding the prompts or maybe on possible future instances of , or similar, feel free to let us know!

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GG: thank you for your work putting it all together!!
GG: i think a pretty simple change we noticed was that "splitting" was a prompt which a bunch of systems here couldnt really answer without reinterpreting
GG: i would make a similar argument that "inner world" was one a fair few couldnt really participate in
GG: maybe those could be reworked into more general prompts in the future! *shruggie* i dont really have particular suggestions though :P

@quasar Thank you for the lovely feedback!
The points on "splitting" and "inner world" seem very true! I could not follow everything, but your remarks confirms a vague impression.
Thanks again!

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