Resigning - Plural Cafe important meta :boost_ok:​ 

Hey all,

I'm resigning from being admin. I don't think I've given the instance the attention it deserves and haven't been able to post as much. Emotional difficulties from various crises (job, finances etc) have only strained my ability to be effective. I'm thankful to all of the users who have signed up here, from when I first launched the site back in Feb 2018 to today.

Separate from this, I'm unable to continue being the server administrator as well. I'd been making preparations for whomever wants to take over in that role, that also has experience with sysadmin stuff.

The instance should be paid up through the month of December. However... if I cannot find someone to take over for me, the server will shut down on Dec 31st at 12:01a Pacific. I'm going to try and find someone else to help. If you know someone who wants to take over, please DM.

As always, thank you all.
- Taylor


re: Resigning - Plural Cafe important meta :boost_ok:​ 

@KT Thank you so much for all your effort! You created something beautiful, administered it, and cared. I'm glad I found this instance. Hope you get better!

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