I recently found the article below. It says that writers invent characters and sometimes the characters "refuse to do" something or "choose their own actions" in the story.

I wonder how this might relate to the different kinds of plurality, including tulpamancy. Any thoughts? :boost_ok:

"How Do Some Authors 'Lose Control' of Their Characters?"


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neg, people 

It sucks having to be around people on a daily basis, who openly disregard or ridicule our way of speaking or approaching problems for no good reason.

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I'm not Muslim, but I'm told that Eid al-Adha is a time to remember those less fortunate than yourself, and help them if you can. May your sacrifices be rewarded!

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re: internal communication, landscaping, ++ 

Not sure how exactly it came about, but in the last three hours we made a gigantic step in terms of internal communication.

Finally I ("host") had a longer talks with two other system members and met two more briefly. One of the longer talks was with a caring member who answered some burning questions about past, present, and future, and helped/helps getting in contact with the others.

Also we worked on our internal landscape. We got a house now, yay. Still a bit unsure about internal geography for us, but if it helps now, we will go for it and see whether it sticks.

This was great. And kinda out of the blue. I hope this is a start of something that continues.

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Scenario: You're part of a group of people. You want to get something done.

You can try to control, make others do something, even without bad intentions.

Or you can just ask them nicely.

internal communication, guessing, + 

I'm rethinking our internal communication now.

Maybe our communication does not work verbally, at leat at the moment. Maybe language is just the dot on the I that comes later, but not the essential part.

Maybe I/we need to learn to ask and listen. Learning, as in: Not just understanding the importance of asking and listening, but how to do it right. I think I/we/some are very able to listen to and ask other external people. But internally other rules might apply.

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mh~, but hope 

In the last weeks I'm struggling really badly to get some basic things done. Especially in the last days, like sending some single, application-like email. Or finishing a project that used to be fun. It was frustrating, now it's grinding and sucking all life out of my existence.

Also for a long time I'm not managing to improve internal communication a lot. Stuck.

However, the evening before yesterday I sat down, calmly, and asked the rest of our system very unspecifically for help. Yesterday We managed to get something done. Not finished yet, but there definitely was some progress.

TIL about The Plural Association.

"For Dissociative Identity Disorder & all other forms of Plurality"


They seem to be pretty inclusive. Does anybody have experience with them?

From their About page:

[The Plural Association's] mission statement is to: ‘’Empower plurals, where plurals is defined as everyone who self-identifies as being or having more than one individual within a single body, by developing and using their capacities to actively shape their own lives and that of the plural community and the society of which they are part, in economic, social and political terms.’’

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This article has been very illuminating.
CW for discussions of medicalization, saneism, rx drugs, psychiatry abuse, ableism, ??

TIL about the Hearing Voices Movement.

From Wikipedia:

The Hearing Voices Movement (HVM) is the name used by organizations and individuals advocating the "hearing voices approach", an alternative way of understanding the experience of those people who "hear voices". [...]

[...] [The movement] challenges the notion that to hear voices is necessarily a characteristic of mental illness. Instead it regards hearing voices as a meaningful and understandable, although unusual, human variation. It therefore rejects the stigma and pathologisation of hearing voices and advocates human rights, social justice and support for people who hear voices that is empowering and recovery focused. The movement thus challenges the medical model of mental illness, specifically the validity of the schizophrenia construct.


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Ripe bananas glow blue in ultraviolet light.

Like many fruit, unripe bananas are green because they're still full of chlorophyll. In bananas, that chlorophyll breaks down into a UV reactive pigment.

Some birds and insects are tetrachromats, and can see UV light. To them, bananas which are ripe and ready to eat are super obvious, and easy to see from the air.

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Reminder of the day (and a subtoot):

Nothing about us without us.

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I'm back on mastodon-ish?

I stopped coming when Aisling stopped coming cause she prefers twitter better, but I just can't seem to get used to twitter. Mastodon is just a lot more cozy and I kind of like cozy.

My main account is gone forever so I'll have to figure out a way to reconnect to the peeps I was following there.

stuck, mh- 

We're a bunch of unnamed and undifferentiated headmates merged into a confused blob pulling everywhere and going nearly nowhere.

Everyone of us could be beautiful and increadibly great at what everyone wants, if we were not such a mess. Not being able to switch or communicate properly only allows us to do a random walk towards our desires and to fulfill our obligations at a precarious level.

@nightsky_system @starfall @dreaming @Gemma
Thanks people. I do not know your specific reasons for starring that post, but getting a little feedback there felt nice.

update, mh 

Haven't been posting in a while. Still alive. Can't handle some pressure in the last months. Don't think it's Corona-related, but maybe indirectly influencing. It's almost July, where did the time go?

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