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compliments and strangers 

Hobby: Giving compliments to strangers. (without being creepy)

Motivation: Saving the world.

Reasoning: People carry too much negativity into this world. Each curse, insult, and manifestation of hatred needs to be outweighed by some form of good deed. Compliments are the small change of positivity (pun intended).

Who's in? Share your stories!

Some of us are astonished at how little regard at least one of us has for the well-being of the body.

Haven't been posting much lately. Being out of touch a little with online contacts in general. Weird.

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would anyone care to share some happy memories with us? things feel really bleak as a system right now and we would love to hear some positivity you've managed to find over the years. <3

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domain block recommendation 

hey, uh, is scraping. block it

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That feeling when an incredibly huge cloud of confusion clears up after finding out that one member is actually a sub-system.

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Hello! I'm new to Mastodon and ^w^

A: Don't judge a book by its cover.

B: By what else, before reading it?

A: You don't.

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Corona virus memes

Corona virus memes

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Things Covid has proven:

1. The job you were told couldn't be done remotely can be done remotely

2. Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations just didn't want them to.

3. Internet is a utility, not a luxury.

4. Universal healthcare is a necessity.

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Hello! Tay here, the host of the Astral Warriors System! We’re a (unknown origin) system of 15+ members. Most activity here will be from myself, Raine, Lance, and Chiemi.

Here’s the complete list of our system and other info:

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things I learned in sex ed when I was a kid:
❌ consent is important
❌ consent is never implied
❌ anything about consent
❌ anything about women's sexual health (it was sex segregated)
❌ you might be gay
❌ you might be trans
❌ it is normal or ok to have sex for reasons besides making a baby
✅ STDs will RUIN your life!!
✅ here's how you put a condom on a banana

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indirect blood mention, metaphor, mh, half-serious 

They say occasional bloodletting is healthy.

Heavily cutting sleep these days. I wonder if that is healthy too, "occasionally".

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I really wish people would stop calling a recently emerged Coronavirus "the coronavirus" it is <em>A</em> Coronavirus, there is a whole family of viruses, the Coronaviridae.

Secondly it has been officially named now: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus type 2 or SARS-CoV-2, and the illness it causes is called COVID-19 which is short for Coronavirus Disease discovered in 2019.

Continuing to call it "the coronavirus" makes it difficult to educate people on the nature of this virus and related viruses.

#ViralOutbreaks #Coronaviridae #COVID19 #SARSCoronavirus2 #Betacoronaviruses

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There are 10 kinds of people:
Those who understand binary
Those who don't

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