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Kid 1 asked kid 2 for a kiss. Kid 2 said nothing. Kid 1 said "ok" and left them alone. My 2 year-old understands that silence isn't consent and consent is not default. Just saying.

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plurality and philophy; questions > answers 

Sometimes, when I have big deadlines coming up (projects, reports), my free time suffers so I get stuff done.

Even my peers and colleagues notice, that I/we are a different person, when we can breathe and play freed of sorrows and worries.

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Recovering from most stressful weeks of this year. Urgh, so glad that's over.

I feel I lost touch of Plural Cafe a bit. Maybe I can return to engaging more gradually over the next weeks.

lurk lurk

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So, let's assume you had the chance to work on your own startup idea for one year with all your personal expenses covered... what would you work on?

Five deadlines in five days. So glad when tomorrow is over.

Have to act like a normal person and that feels so unnatural. 🙃

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Trains are pretty cool. They’re like elevators that go sideways

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"What is your wish," the genie asked.
"Can you make me immortal?"
"No, but I can give you the ability to stop and start aging."
"Why would I want to start aging?"
"You can only form memories while you are aging."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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It's the systems that exclude and ignore you for being nonbinary that are wrong.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are fine just as you are.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #exorsexism

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Domain Block, fascists 

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Meta: plurality 

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In such situations I like to clarify things by responding:

"Sorry, you're mistaken. The [atmospheric pressure] is the problem. On my planet everyone can do it."

Replace [atmospheric pressure] with any planet-specific property, optionally one that relates to the discussion.

internal communication, progress 

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🌳 so we're really thinking we might try setting up a plural discord for over-25s (like, physical age)

a lot of the servers we're currently in skew very gen z, and while that's, as the kids say, Valid, they tend to have very different issues, experiences, and sometimes communication styles from us.

so it can end up with us feeling a bit weird if we try to talk about our daily life, and a bit How Do You Do Fellow Kids if we try to join in existing conversations

would just be super nice to hang out with our fellow Olds sometimes

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I feel like people have to say this again and again about a million things.

Don't say someone has a mental disability as an insult. Don't say they look like another gender. Don't criticize their weight. Don't make fun of them for lack of social skills.

You are hurting lots of other people when you do this.

Criticize them for the actual issues and the bad things they do.

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