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compliments and strangers 

Had to work on a project with a random team recently. I'm rarely in a group where this works out smoothly, but this time everybody was motivated and did their part.

Moreover, everybody was respectful and non-judgmental and the whole atmosphere was really harmonic and supportive.

Changed my opinion about this kind of group projects. Team work within a team is possible.

re: dissociation meta, strategy for insight, keeping a diary 

dissociation meta, strategy for insight, keeping a diary 

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re: Food 

FYI: If I could vote, I would select all four options.

Today I learned that treadmill bikes exist.

One passed me on a crossing today and I had to look twice. Apparently those bikes are out there for five years now and I have never heard of them.

Not sure how I feel about treadmill bikes. How do you?

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[liesl] hello!!! we're a system n we're new to n matsodon!! it's nice to meet you all n we hope we can have fun n make friends here!!! :)

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"One great trick i learned is that you should always have a bigger thing going that you can procrastinate, and you fill all the procrastination time with smaller stuff. i'm always avoiding working on something that's harder or bigger, and i avoid it by working on something that's easier. so it feels easier to be working on whatever i'm working on. i have buffers built into almost everything i work on, but those buffers are actually the main chunk of work on a different project". - Andrew Huang

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Friday, September 13th was one day before full moon.
Friday, December 13th will be one day after full moon.

Friday, September 13th was one day before full moon.
Friday, December 13th will be one day after full moon.

With delight I found out that we will have a second Friday 13th in December. And it will be as full-moon-ish as two weeks ago, yay!

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Are there any other systems out there with a non-verbal headmate? If so, I'd love to hear how you deal with that, especially in social situations where people expect you to (be able to) talk.
I'm asking because I'd like to pick up a new hobby, which involves social interaction - and that involves talking. It's not the focus of the hobby, but people always want to talk.
Now I could of course just act like we are never able to speak. But I'd feel awkward about that, cause all others in this system are able to do so. But I also don't want to explain that we're a system and stuff.
Any ideas? Boosts welcome!

(The hobby is dancing btw. I'd like to start classes. Talking really isn't the focus, but people always expect that you're able to talk. Which is awkward on its own. Even more so if "you" are sometimes able to talk, at least in their eyes.)


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re: duties, procrastination, relief 

duties, procrastination, relief 

Whenever I visit someone, the host is showing me around then says:
"And this is the living room."

I always respond with something like:
"Hello, pleased to meet you."

Because that's how introductions work. Room doesn't talk back of course normally, but Room and I usually develop a mutual understanding on a very basic level right away.

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