We're gonna go 36 hours without sleeping. Should be fun honestly.

Random Dad Joke:
Do you know whats the difference between swine flu and bird flu?
Bird flu you need tweetment, swine flu you need oinkment

The toddler alter (JJ) is pretty excited currently. We ordered little items for him (diapers and a onesie shirt) and we're gonna be picking them up tomorrow.

Dad: Hey y'all, what's Fennel's favorite drink?
Fennel: -smiles eagerly-
Dad: CAW-fee
Fennel: -makes bird laugh noises-
Everyone else: -______-"

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Alter Introduction:
Name: JJ
Age: 2-3
Gender: boy (he/him)
Species: Human
Personality: Playful, enthusiastic, friendly, spontaneous, helpful, supportive, optimistic, curious, active, indecisive, fun loving, sociable, childish, clumsy, silly, impatient, imitative, gullible, expressive,

About to start working again, and each of us are gonna give it our all. Grocery store job, so it's gonna be a lot of fennel fronting, with occasional seisyll for customer service

Fennel's Haiku of the Day
Time to do rhyme with Fennel
We made a haiku

Cw: therapy/ableism/integration 

Do any of y'all see therapists? And do you get anxious that the therapist is trying to "make you" form a singlet?

BDSM, 18+ 

My bf and I are writing up a renewed BDSM contract, and a lot has changed since our previous contract was written. Namely, I have recognized that I am a plural system, and so there's multiple different people within this body dating him. How should we go about writing the new contract that includes all relevant alters, and what title should we use

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I enjoy haikus
It is a pretty puzzle
I make happy noise

April 27 is National Crow and Raven Day.
I am a crow.
It is my birthday.

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I'm looking for anyone here who's in the #petplaycommunity. I'm an #alter in a #pluralsystem, and I'm a pup.

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Fennel Fronting:
Our bf and I went on a nature walk, and were able to see and identify a number of plants. We are wiccan and are trying to find an instance on mastodon that is dedicated to witchcraft and wiccan things.

So I'm mildly confused by all these different instances and figuring out how they all integrate together?

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be careful that your memes making fun of a racist thing people are saying aren't just signal boosting the racist message of the original.

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