re: weird plural identity stuffs 

my headmates and i have a symbiotic relationship, i think? i get to borrow their identities, and they get to, uh, live vicariously-- [checks definition of "vicariously"] non-vicariously through me

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weird plural identity stuffs 

finally learning to understand and accept a few facts about myself:
1. i exist.
2. i will never have an identity of my own, and
3. i'm still a person regardless of this.

it took a major fucking existential crisis to figure this out lmao



  1. a software bug for a particularly complicated or messy system, which may be hard to detangle at its core

"Oh, Factorio's new experimental build can't auto update, they hit an SSL curse."

poll for anyone interested in our streams! what should our next videos game be?

kinda venty lyrics 

i'm on the road to somewhere, but i can't move anymore
i'm drifting out to sea, but i haven't left the shore
i've been losing sleep, and i can't keep
just sitting still here, in body and in spirit
but i don't know where to go

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hi we exist!
burnout is hard. we wrote a kinda venty song about it. will post lyrics in a followup tweet.
(this is not mixed at all, we recorded it in one take, so that's why our voice is so quiet comparitively ^^;)

some recent "system lore" developments:
-Nixie is part kobold
-Petra is part wolf
-Sen is a fabric demon from the snug dimension and her humanoid form is a life-size plushie now
-AEM might be an eldritch horror in addition to being a robot???

contextless screenshot, sex mention re: weld stream self promo 

coasters are going well

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insulting brains is ableist (abuse and death mentions, 222 words) 

(related to LB)

Foundational to ableism as it is practiced is the act of declaring some people to be pervasively inferior and incapable. This is used to dismiss what they say out of hand, strip them of dignity, respect, and accommodation, justify their murder as 'a drain on resources', and otherwise perpetuate evils upon their persons.

This act is often justified by pointing to medical differences - for example, a parent of an autistic child pointing to this developmental difference as proof that the child is incapable of understanding social norms and therefore proof that they are justified in forcing the child into distressing situations and ignoring their complaints.

To dismiss someone's complaints by attributing them to an underdeveloped or damaged brain is to first claim that such behavior cannot be reasonable, second claim that such behavior must come from an inferiority in the person making it, and third claim that the difference being painted as an inferiority /is/ an inferiority and makes the person with the difference unworthy of consideration and respect.

That's severely ableist. It's ableist to say someone is wrong because they are pervasively bad and it's ableist to say that medical difference makes one pervasively bad. It's not okay and it's not something people should do.

- Packfox 🦊

we have a bit of a headache. huh.

also we're gonna be streaming in uhhh 2 hours i think!

lewd-adj joke re: coding opinions/advice 

being wet is fun and all but if your *code* is wet then you're probably doing something wrong

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coding opinions/advice 

we usually try not to say there's a right or wrong way of coding, but we have very strong feelings about unhelpful redundancy and we're v much proponents of the D.R.Y. principle (Don't Repeat Yourself).

our general "rule" is like... if you find yourself copy-pasting a line within your own code, or essentially typing the same thing several times with only one thing different, you should really probs abstract that out somehow, whether with a convenience function, a loop, whatever.

not only does it save you some typing in the long run, it can make things way easier to maintain because if you change something you don't have to change all the copied lines, just the abstract one!!

here is a youtube vid timestamp of what NOT to do that made us think of this:

already lowkey rethinking the signature thing. yellow and orange are a bit too similar

it might be easier to just type our names gjsdkf

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