disability post 🚨(i'd call this one Important) 🚨 government income and stigma 

"government disability income is a cruel joke and i'm very lucky to have it" post
please note that i didn't and can't represent everyone's situation. this post is for when people throw "go on disability" around, and to try to prevent stigma against having it. look at me i'm a fuckin activist™️ blehhhh no ok so
disability income ssdi is monthly income to an individuals account from the state+federal government that has graciously blessed them with the "ok we admit you are pretty messed up imo" admittance into the system.
here we go.
the application process is a long and mortifying gauntlet::: 'proof' means multiple expensive doctors have to agree you have the condition, even then they might not accept u, also can get "condition not listed"
IT ALL HINGES ON "being unable to work" WHICH IS UP TO A CAPITALIST SYSTEM TO DETERMINE so "lol broken back you can still type tho" is a thing.
one of the most frustrating difficult and time consuming bureaucratic things ive ever encountered. can't imagine doing this disabled and alone.

baring every disgusting terrifying health thing in millions of binders of quant/qual data on me, interviews and legal shit and insurance shit, so ableist, so horrid but i needed it and ANYWAY i got it!!! in 2018 with:

good tuition help, convoluted healthcare premium stuff, and $519 a month. i am very lucky and privileged to be where i am and have access to the physical things I need to be alive.

🚨🚨things about disability income:🚨🚨
- not enough to live independently on. ever. it's not enough for a month's rent.
-it does not guarantee protection or treatment of any kind.
-caregivers and family members cannot apply.
-you can't work. that's their "point" i guess, but for real, if you try to get a gig, poof. gone.
-you can't save. exceeding $2000 in any account or in cash or possessions, you're "cured." and kicked off.

it's a fake system. it can help people and i'm not saying it's bad if you have it. it is simply not getting anyone any better or more stable. it keeps sick, injured people right where they are and it's hell to attain. not enough to move up and onwards.
pls get me when i say disability income only really serves people who have enough time and money and doctors to get it, and a temporary enough condition and a big enough savings to not work for a few months and then jump right back in.
i'm lucky enough to be in my room in my parents basement. i dunno how much many abled people think about it that often but it's literally the high five while drowning meme.
i hope this kind of long disorganized post feels like a lik validation or it's useful info when someone suggests "can't you just go on disability" or if u get "you get paid to be disabled?!??"
i welcome more talk about this, your experience, or things you didn't know or things you want to know. i probably left out a good bit but yeah. thank you.

selfies, eye contact, no image desc [no boosts pls] 

soooo. we cut our hair, cuz fuck it 💖

re: fancy headphones stuff (+) 

the range on these is RIDICULOUS btw, goes down to like 5hz???? five. hertz. skull vibratey

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fancy headphones stuff (+) 

woww, these new headphones are making some of our old favorite songs a totally new experience...

so much more clarity! didn't realize our old headphones were missing so much

Disabled people are the experts on themselves & their lived experiences


we did have a "feast" for solstice tho! ordered spaghetti, bread and ice cream

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[trying to explain day of rebirth—one of our spiritual holidays—to a friend]
"it's kinda like Winter Wrap-Up?"

our personal spiritual calendar system is still a work in progress ^^;

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"what's wintermoon?"
excellent question! we're still figuring that out lol

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re: weird plural identity stuffs 

my headmates and i have a symbiotic relationship, i think? i get to borrow their identities, and they get to, uh, live vicariously-- [checks definition of "vicariously"] non-vicariously through me

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weird plural identity stuffs 

finally learning to understand and accept a few facts about myself:
1. i exist.
2. i will never have an identity of my own, and
3. i'm still a person regardless of this.

it took a major fucking existential crisis to figure this out lmao



  1. a software bug for a particularly complicated or messy system, which may be hard to detangle at its core

"Oh, Factorio's new experimental build can't auto update, they hit an SSL curse."

poll for anyone interested in our streams! what should our next videos game be? strawpoll.me/35202199

kinda venty lyrics 

i'm on the road to somewhere, but i can't move anymore
i'm drifting out to sea, but i haven't left the shore
i've been losing sleep, and i can't keep
just sitting still here, in body and in spirit
but i don't know where to go

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hi we exist!
burnout is hard. we wrote a kinda venty song about it. will post lyrics in a followup tweet.
(this is not mixed at all, we recorded it in one take, so that's why our voice is so quiet comparitively ^^;)

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