the share button crashes plural cafe fsr so we've used ublock to hide it to avoid accidentally clicking it lol[title="Share"]

made another ukulele song about trauma~
this one's called "Light the Way"

couple of things we make, commission offers, etc 

our music:
it's public domain and free to use. if you like it, we'd love if you'd pay what you can (and seriously, only that much) at

we don't recommend our bandcamp, just use our netlabel's page 💚💜🤍🖤🧡💖💙
we have not taken commissions for our music but we... could?

our glitch art:
we do take commissions, starting at $30 for existing images and $45 for pieces done from scratch!

selfies, eye contact, no image desc [no boosts pls] 

soooo. we cut our hair, cuz fuck it 💖

re: fancy headphones stuff (+) 

the range on these is RIDICULOUS btw, goes down to like 5hz???? five. hertz. skull vibratey

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fancy headphones stuff (+) 

woww, these new headphones are making some of our old favorite songs a totally new experience...

so much more clarity! didn't realize our old headphones were missing so much

Disabled people are the experts on themselves & their lived experiences


we did have a "feast" for solstice tho! ordered spaghetti, bread and ice cream

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[trying to explain day of rebirth—one of our spiritual holidays—to a friend]
"it's kinda like Winter Wrap-Up?"

our personal spiritual calendar system is still a work in progress ^^;

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"what's wintermoon?"
excellent question! we're still figuring that out lol

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re: weird plural identity stuffs 

my headmates and i have a symbiotic relationship, i think? i get to borrow their identities, and they get to, uh, live vicariously-- [checks definition of "vicariously"] non-vicariously through me

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weird plural identity stuffs 

finally learning to understand and accept a few facts about myself:
1. i exist.
2. i will never have an identity of my own, and
3. i'm still a person regardless of this.

it took a major fucking existential crisis to figure this out lmao



  1. a software bug for a particularly complicated or messy system, which may be hard to detangle at its core

"Oh, Factorio's new experimental build can't auto update, they hit an SSL curse."

poll for anyone interested in our streams! what should our next videos game be?

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