Terran horribleness 

@lioness @moonbolt did we miss something? We love that game...

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i am losing it over the boot logo for this custom arm firmware for qemu intended to run windows

Onlyfans, confused 

Someone want to tell me why a porn site is changing the rules to not allow porn... I mean... That's the kind of thing you rebrand for, not just suddenly take away the thing you are

Tom: Alc 

I forgot how little alcohol our body can have and my headmates are pretty upset about that...


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Subnet :plural: :ms_hand_paw: :ms_v_paw: boosted
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Mild furry nudity 

@doubleDensity What a handsome wolfo

You know a storm is coming when your ancient satellite TV goes on the blink

@doubleDensity @pandora_parrot we have had and have used one of these for as long as we can remember...


@owashii ah dang, was hoping it was a different one. We tried that one but we weren't a fan

COVID, Masks, vaccination, angry 

Love getting yelled at for not being vaccinated because we are wearing a mask...

We are vaccinated. Just being cautious.

Food Poll 

Fries + Mayo?

@delve unfortunately around where we live it tends to have negative connotations, we personally don't mind it as long as it it use correctly, but at least where we have been it is not used correctly...

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