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About Us 

Cody: Hi! I am Cody. I am our System's primary headmate and am front 90% of the time. I'm the biggest geek in here, not only interested in computers and technology, but I.T, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrics, and lots more :)

Thomas: Got some cooking that needs to be done? I'm your guy. I'm most often found in the kitchen cooking or experimenting with flavours. Touch my tail, and I'll make you wish you never met me.

Scott: Games? I'm down, what are we playing? Xbox? PlayStation? PC? Or maybe you're into Films and relaxing? Hit me up!

Caramel: My name may sound sweet, but don't get on my mad side. Robots, chemical science, electrics and computers are what you will find me messing with. You might occasionally find me using a robot body just to have fun. Don't say my name wrong. It is (Care-uh-mel).

Connor: Hi... I'm Connor. Want to spend a day out in the woods? I'm admittedly pretty shy... I'm not good at bios either...

Kira: Gender? Who cares. Call me whatever. Want cuddles, affection, just someone to talk to? Come see me, I want all the gossip! I love basket weaving and enjoying the outdoors, sometimes exploring a cave or two if fun!

Raven: I am the only female in here and I swear I am the most masculine. Facepaw I love working out and living out in nature, I'm not around much. Self-sufficiency is a must for me, I love building log cabins, maintaining my own gardens and lumber jacking. Watch out, I'll burn a hole in your head with a noogie!

Tucker: Huh, um... Local twink I guess? I love cooking, though Tom hates me being in the Kitchen with him. I am into older games like NES and Sega Genesis. Connor and I are basically brothers, I am trying to help him be less shy.

Nyx: Don't mess with me, I bite. Nah, I'm just kidding. We aren't quite sure what I am... Am I a headmate or just another part of Kira? Not sure... Anyway, where are the cute boys at?

King is a non-speaker by choice and prefers to live in our headspace as a semi-wild animal. He has basically become the local loveable doggo that comes by when he feels like it.

Bye bye 6 months of uptime :(

Scheduled power outage and our UPS batteries are on their last legs.

Can we please stop with daylight savings changes. Ugh. It is useless and annoying and wastes our time every year changing clocks and making sure various systems have the right time 😡

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Air Conditioning hardware neglect. Disappointed in general society. LONG 

Okay hear me out. Hundreds of thousands of window ACs get thrown out every year because they are not cooling well, or tripping on high head pressure, or freezing up etc. Unfortunately, this is typically because people heavily neglect these poor machines. More often than not, people put them in their window at the start of the season, take them out, and store them to put them back next year. Notice a step missing here? Most people don't bother to, are intimidated by, or just to care to clean these. However, if you clean them, the machine will be happier, more productive and will LAST LONGER.

These devices have two coils, one that absorbs warmth, and one that expels warmth. Both of these coils constantly have air moving through them and thus dust and other particulate. ESPECIALLY the side that is out of your window, the one that expels the heat. If this coil cannot perform its due because it is clogged or even simply coated with dust, then your AC will not be able to move as much of that heat inside your home, out of your home. This also significantly reduces the efficiency of your machine because it has to work harder to do less work.

On that same point, the coil inside your home that picks up the heat also needs to be cleaned. Yes, even though it has a filter. The filter can't catch everything.

Most ACs are simple to disassemble, and you don't need to take them very far apart. The electronics are usually protected, and the part of it that hangs out of your window is designed for the elements. What this means is that with about an hour to two of work, you can properly clean your AC.

Remove the shell, and the plastic face. After that, all you have to do is take a hose with some pressure (not too much though, or you will bend the coil fins) and aim down through the fins to blast gunk and grime off the coils. While you are here, you can take a moment to clean out the air passages as well to make the AC blow more healthy air for you to breathe. That's really all there is to it. Put it back the same way it came apart and you are ready to continue enjoying your AC.

Now, if you have cleaned the AC to the best of your ability, and it is still not functioning to its best ability and is no longer enough to keep your space adequately cooled, then please consider properly recycling it as it likely has a leak in its refrigerant lines. This is typical of these products due to the vibration that comes from the compressor, fan(s) and even just you walking around your house. Usually in a window unit, this is not a problem worth fixing.

On Recycling: Just like your refrigerator, your window AC has a gas in it that is used to move the heat from inside your home, to outside it. This gas if vented to the air can cause environmental issues and is also not healthy for you. Most towns will have a dedicated area of their recycling center for this type of device where it can be properly and professionally handled.

Thank you for taking some time to read this, and I hope it was informative.

- Cody

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Need a sign. Not "Welcome to my home" instead it should read "Welcome to my LAN"

The joke being that humans talking to each other is often called "Networking" and if you in my home it would be considered local area. If you make a call it's just the WAN XD

It is on this day today that we mourne the loss of some good friends: The Google Hangouts easter eggs.

It appears they did not make the cut for Google Chat.

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i am losing it over the boot logo for this custom arm firmware for qemu intended to run windows

Onlyfans, confused 

Someone want to tell me why a porn site is changing the rules to not allow porn... I mean... That's the kind of thing you rebrand for, not just suddenly take away the thing you are

Tom: Alc 

I forgot how little alcohol our body can have and my headmates are pretty upset about that...


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Subnet :plural: :ms_hand_paw: :ms_v_paw: boosted
Subnet :plural: :ms_hand_paw: :ms_v_paw: boosted

You know a storm is coming when your ancient satellite TV goes on the blink

COVID, Masks, vaccination, angry 

Love getting yelled at for not being vaccinated because we are wearing a mask...

We are vaccinated. Just being cautious.

Food Poll 

Fries + Mayo?

When people change their profile icon we get so lost...

*Picks up the line and tones for your Facsimile machine*


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