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About Us 

Cody: Hi! I am Cody. I am our System's primary headmate and am front 90% of the time. I'm the biggest geek in here, not only interested in computers and technology, but I.T, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrics, and lots more :)

Thomas: Got some cooking that needs to be done? I'm your guy. I'm most often found in the kitchen cooking or experimenting with flavours. Touch my tail, and I'll make you wish you never met me.

Scott: Games? I'm down, what are we playing? Xbox? PlayStation? PC? Or maybe you're into Films and relaxing? Hit me up!

Caramel: My name may sound sweet, but don't get on my mad side. Robots, chemical science, electrics and computers are what you will find me messing with. You might occasionally find me using a robot body just to have fun. Don't say my name wrong. It is (Care-uh-mel).

Connor: Hi... I'm Connor. Want to spend a day out in the woods? I'm admittedly pretty shy... I'm not good at bios either...

Kira: Gender? Who cares. Call me whatever. Want cuddles, affection, just someone to talk to? Come see me, I want all the gossip! I love basket weaving and enjoying the outdoors, sometimes exploring a cave or two if fun!

Raven: I am the only female in here and I swear I am the most masculine. Facepaw I love working out and living out in nature, I'm not around much. Self-sufficiency is a must for me, I love building log cabins, maintaining my own gardens and lumber jacking. Watch out, I'll burn a hole in your head with a noogie!

Tucker: Huh, um... Local twink I guess? I love cooking, though Tom hates me being in the Kitchen with him. I am into older games like NES and Sega Genesis. Connor and I are basically brothers, I am trying to help him be less shy.

Nyx: Don't mess with me, I bite. Nah, I'm just kidding. We aren't quite sure what I am... Am I a headmate or just another part of Kira? Not sure... Anyway, where are the cute boys at?

King is a non-speaker by choice and prefers to live in our headspace as a semi-wild animal. He has basically become the local loveable doggo that comes by when he feels like it.


im sorry. im sorry???? neil cicierega made harry potter puppet pals???
im s o r yr ??????????

can i just attribute him to any major internet classic at this rate

Food Poll 

Toast + butter + minced garlic

WARNING ABOUT MERCARI [Long, Security, Phone Numbers] 

Yet another company that doesn't seem to understand how much of a security flaw something like this is. If you have a phone number for someone, and you get a call like this, you should inform the user via the other contact method.

We tried to bring up this security problem, they didn't care.

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WARNING ABOUT MERCARI [Long, Security, Phone Numbers] 

We just added two new lines to our T-Mobile account and got two new phone numbers. We are no strangers to getting phone numbers that someone else has owned before, and we typically have no issue taking the number off of accounts once we prove we own them.

Well, one of the phone numbers that we just got was linked to a Mercari account. We called them, informed them about the issue, and they basically said that they cannot do anything.

1. This phone number can now be used to gain access to the account.
2. We're getting notifs that someone else is selling things.
3. I own the phone number and I should be able to prove that to Mercari and have it removed from the offending account.

We told this to Mercari who promptly didn't care. We asked if they could email the user that there is a security issue with the account, and they said that they can't do that. We asked for the number to be removed, no.

They kept telling us to call T-Mobile and have them remove the phone number from their system and the person didn't seem to understand that phone numbers get reused -_-

If you have a phone number on your Mercari account, and you get a new one. MAKE SURE that you change it so that whoever gets the phone number next, doesn't get access to your account.

We tried to do the right thing, they refused to let us. Mercari user, whoever you are, thank you for helping us find this flaw so that we can alert others.

Chat apps gripe [Riot, Element, Telegram, SMS/MMS] 

Dear chat apps. If we send multiple messages in a row, maybe an image too, SEND THEM IN ORDER PLEASE.

every day i wake up and open palm slam a sandwich into the vcr

Good morning Fedi, it's Tuesday!

Hope everyone is doing well and we wish you a great day!

Globus Pharyngeus?
Apparently it comes with anxiety and stuff... Which we have a lot of...

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Ugh. We have felt like there has been something stuck in our throat for days... We hate this.

Our matrix server just went down, no clue why... Any bets we're being DDoSd again? Ugh.

.m normalize changing names tbh

it's not just for trans creatures

quick warning for folks about element for android 

hey btw, for anyone who might be bothered by this: element for android's latest update added a Feature where the πŸŽ‰ or ❄️ emoji in a message will cover the entire chat window in confetti or snow, as does the /confetti command. if you are particularly bothered by this, you can go to

  1. the three dot menu in the upper right
  2. settings
  3. preferences
  4. "show chat effects" at the very bottom

Cody:: don't mind me. Just sitting here eating a whole carrot πŸ₯•

How we handle follow requests 

We are bringing this up because we have had a few critters request a follow and then undo their request before we had a chance to allow them to follow us...

When we get a follow requests from a fellow fediverse critter, we won't accept it right away. If you have interacted with us before or if we have seen you around it might be faster. But when we get a request we typically will check out your profile, paw through your public posts, and will probably observe you for a bit or make an attempt in interact before accepting the request.

Twitter kinda ruined us on this way. We wish we had the confidence to just open followers but we really don't :( too many creepy people out there.

No bio? No accept.

No posts? No accept unless we know you or invited you.

Anyone and everyone are allowed to send us follow requests. We don't bite (Normally)

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