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About Us 

Cody: Hi! I am Cody. I am our System's primary headmate and am front 90% of the time. I'm the biggest geek in here, not only interested in computers and technology, but I.T, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrics, and lots more :)

Thomas: Got some cooking that needs to be done? I'm your guy. I'm most often found in the kitchen cooking or experimenting with flavours. Touch my tail, and I'll make you wish you never met me.

Scott: Games? I'm down, what are we playing? Xbox? PlayStation? PC? Or maybe you're into Films and relaxing? Hit me up!

Caramel: My name may sound sweet, but don't get on my mad side. Robots, chemical science, electrics and computers are what you will find me messing with. You might occasionally find me using a robot body just to have fun. Don't say my name wrong. It is (Care-uh-mel).

Connor: Hi... I'm Connor. Want to spend a day out in the woods? I'm admittedly pretty shy... I'm not good at bios either...

Kira: Gender? Who cares. Call me whatever. Want cuddles, affection, just someone to talk to? Come see me, I want all the gossip! I love basket weaving and enjoying the outdoors, sometimes exploring a cave or two if fun!

Raven: I am the only female in here and I swear I am the most masculine. Facepaw I love working out and living out in nature, I'm not around much. Self-sufficiency is a must for me, I love building log cabins, maintaining my own gardens and lumber jacking. Watch out, I'll burn a hole in your head with a noogie!

Tucker: Huh, um... Local twink I guess? I love cooking, though Tom hates me being in the Kitchen with him. I am into older games like NES and Sega Genesis. Connor and I are basically brothers, I am trying to help him be less shy.

Nyx: Don't mess with me, I bite. Nah, I'm just kidding. We aren't quite sure what I am... Am I a headmate or just another part of Kira? Not sure... Anyway, where are the cute boys at?

King is a non-speaker by choice and prefers to live in our headspace as a semi-wild animal. He has basically become the local loveable doggo that comes by when he feels like it.

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Accessibility issues, websites 

Are you kidding me? Auto line fill-spacing can be such a pain and it is ugly as hell... Legit can't follow this at all because of the gaps.. :(

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Google Play Protect wrongly flags OpenTracks app from F-Droid 

Installing the latest update to #OpenTracks via #FDroid
> "Blocked by Play Protect"
> "OpenTracks"
> "This app can collect data that could be used to track you."
(With an option to continue anyways.)

Ah, yes. Because none of the several location-based apps I've installed via the Play Store that might or actually do track me deserve an interrupting prompt when I install them. The open source privacy-respecting OpenTracks is what I have to worry about.

Now, I feel there's probably good intent - #Google may want to avoid having someone unknowingly sideload #Android stalkerware (stalking/tracking others without consent):

Still leaves a bad impression.

Had to turn the font size up on our phone today...

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WHEN is Mastodon going to let you set your post’s visibility to “Mutual Follows only”? (ie, people you follow and who also follow you).

I often want to post things that I don’t want every person who Follows me to see.

*** Is this a feature you want too? ***

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Me: I'm so sorry, my dog ate my

Comp Sci Professor: your dog ate yo
coding assignment?



Me: it took him a couple bytes

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alias mastodon=sudo systemctl start mastodon

alias mastodoff=sudo systemctl stop mastodon

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Remember to say thank you to your mods and admins. They deserve your love <3

MH -, PH -, Fireworks 

We aren't doing well with these fireworks...

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I've heard so much about how terrible it is that brands whisked away their pride month logos, this is a great example of what they should be doing instead. :)

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For those of you familiar with the US national grid, you know that we are 240 volt split phase, 120 volts (±6%) at receptacles. (exceptions apply of course, but we are just talking about residential service here).

What this means is, an acceptable voltage at any plug is between 112.8 and 127.2 volts. Well, around here we're lucky if we get that. With everyone running their ACs, fans, dryers, washing machines, fridges and freezers working over time, pool pumps and so many other large loads, our voltage often falls to almost 100 volts.

Attached is a picture of the front of our UPS during what is known as a "Brown Out" on the line. A brown out is defined as a low voltage event. The voltage was 102 volts. Later that night we got clear down to 98 volts and the house went out.

Brown outs are very dangerous, to your equipment, to your home, to your life. This is because an appliance, take a motor for example or a compressor in your refrigerator, still needs the same amount of power, regardless of voltage. In other words, the lower the voltage, the higher the amperage. Think of voltage like flow, and amperage pressure. The more pressure, the more heat and strain. This can lead to fires, burned up equipment and if unnoticed can cause deaths.

To our power company: We have called you over and over, our whole street has. We have voiced our safety concerns, we have given you the data, we have provided pictures and logs. Why haven't you done anything to fix this?

To our local government whom we have also voiced concerns to: Get off your ass and do something. This is a safety issue.

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poll for plural systems, :boost_ok: and responses greatly appreciated 

If you're able to stay distinct from your headmates more often than not without really trying, have you noticed a trend on when headmates show up?

Please :boost_ok: so we can reach the biggest sample size possible!

Wondering how different the and markets would be if was still around instead of just and

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