why can't life be like a story? everyone develops and improves by the end, i can know with certainty that i'll have the strength to redeem my actions, my greatest rival will suddenly kiss me and change the course of our lives forever,

It is honestly impressive how much people will rugsweep or overlook an obvious missing stair because, like, "well...but everyone else is fine with them".

spoiler alert: if someone is an asshole to you for no discernible reason, odds are good that "everyone else" is not fine with them!

tired: a non-fortnite dance
wired: a dance fortnite hasn't stolen without the slightest attribution yet

fortnite doesn't have every dance. but it actually does, because if you put fortnite emote music over footage of someone dancing anybody would believe that that's a dance in fortnite.

Good job interview questions:

Why should I work for you?
Why is this position open?
What do you like about working here?
Can you support yourself on what you're paid?
Why aren't you promoting from within?
How many people have had this job in the past 5 years?
What would you change about your job?

Assitance request 

Dear Mastopeeps, I live on SSDI. My phone is hopelessly broken. I've found one for $422 shipped. Money I was going to use to start fixing and insulating the ceiling in my space. Winter's coming.

I've only got US$300 to go after gifts so far (Thank you!). If you can, please help (or boost) me with the cost. cashapp: $amjnw

Thank you to all of you.

Link below shows the ceiling where I live which I refer to as "the Shack."

Additional support needed: A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

The council have pushed their deadline back to the 5th now, too. They *might* cover the worse of the rotten flooring, but not replace it.
Thanks for the donations so far, I forwarded it over yesterday but a lot more is needed. I've doubled the donations from the past few days too but that's all I can spare.
If you can help donating anything at all please please please DM me for PayPal/bank transfer details ❤️

masculinities, vulnerability, self-worth 

complement the guys in your life.
there's a thing we do where we focus on a derogatory view of ourselves, to avoid entering a position of vulnerability. expressing what you value or appreciate about yourself shows others the aspects of yourself that if criticised, could particularly hurt, because they are more important to you than other aspects, and because if challenged, could impact your values and how you consider yourself. i think there's an enormous scope for insecurity if the people you care about do not make it clear what they appreciate in you, or if habitually you do not receive positive affirmations of being. it's easy enough to hide your hurt or insecurity or desire for affirmation and appreciation, if in a situation you might need to self-analyse, you instead fall back on self-deprecation because insincerity is safer. so complement the men in your life, if you see qualities that you appreciate or value.

I block anyone I see posting 4chan style memes, I don't vibe with people that use fascisms love language to communicate and you shouldn't either

i've listened to a lot of music by queer people but let me tell you. bayonetta soundtrack? that's the most lesbian shit i ever heard.

:boost_requested:Help disabled fam have a great halloween (and wear pants!) 

our disabled fam has been incomeless for 5 months. Halloween is our favorite day! Help us have a nice dinner this 31st 🎃

And... I have 1 pair of pants right now, and it's already hitting subzero temps here... Going to a thrift store soon, and want help to get at least 1 more pair

boosts & even tiny donations are appreciated/helpful!!!

#transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund #mutualAid
(see next toot for paymenty things)

$$$$ help, boosts appreciated 

I'm gonna keep this brief bc I'm having A Bad Mental Time™️ rn.

Halfway though the month and I have my small bills taken care of. I have left are the big bills and the second round of groceries. Also going to pushing in hard to save up more for dental stuff next month-ish

Any help would be appreciated~


I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those


(signal-boost repost)

I need some help.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a car accident. I wasn't injured, but my car might be totaled.

Since I rely on my car for work, I'm kinda panicking about paying bills and whatnot.

I set up a #gofundme (link below) and got a fair amount of donations at first (very grateful to those folks), but those have nearly all been used up already.

We're getting low on groceries again, I need to refill my meds, we're running low on toiletries, and we've still got 5 or 6 utility and service bills coming up—most of which I'm already behind on.

Please give if you can; every little bit helps, and will be appreciated. And please share this post, even if you can't give.


#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund #pleasehelp #signalboost

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