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request for financial help, paypal link, please boost!!!! 

Hi! We're the Cricket System, and we're looking to finally move out of an abusive household and find a place to live in Chicago, around the main body of our polycule.

To that end, we desperately need to save some money for a little financial security when we move. Making rent will surely be difficult at the beginning of things, so I'm asking anyone and everyone to send what they can to make things smoother.

Thank you so much just for reading this!

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i got good and mad, apparently; ableism 

If you are a person who makes jokes about "dumb people dying is natural selection" or uses the term "darwin award" in literally any context, don't come anywhere the fuck near me, you horrific, dangerous piece of shit.

looking for royalty free music for a project and finding a song you recognize from an absurd youtube video is underrated as comedy

I think that there's a lot to appreciate about the headspace of moving from somewhere like Hampton Roads to somewhere like Chicago. For instance, some part of you says "I am now firmly in the hands of god" while boarding public transit.

trans people are so cool. i wish mastodon was real

the a in dota is for asexual, not for ally

faerieposting, tf kink, milking? 

restaurant called Faerie Queen that serves ice cream made from mortals who met horrible, erotic ends. thank you

me: i really hope we see another resurgence of breakcore, it sucks that it seems like a lot of people are leaving the genre after sewerslvt left

me, realizing that anybody new to breakcore will probably emulate sewerslvt: i really hope we don't see another resurgence of breakcore


Y'all, human body is so boring why can't hrt give me some other cool stuff??

blood, fighting games 

what if they gave sin kiske diabetes. what if he was just the same in strive except now you have to manage your blood glucose levels.

credit union representative picks up the line as i'm busting it tf down across the room

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fuck you for leaving me on hold for 30 minutes but also this on-hold music slaps so it's fine i guess

so if you value things like anti-racism, community building, decoloniality, and philosophy you should be considering giving @CaribenxMarciaX some money for the work they do here anyway

but when Marcia Mails are doing the rounds it's extra-special worth it

critical, challenging, thoughtful, caring

sign up here:

GFM here:

So, I lost my Social Security card and I couldn't remember my SSN. I'd already resigned to doing all of the following after my move since a few months back my mom told me she didn't know what my # was.

I looked online and found out that I needed to make an account to have a new card sent to me, but I need my SSN to get an account, so I'd have to go in person. I looked on google maps and the info sidebar said I needed to make an appointment, so I called and waited on hold for 30 minutes until they told me I didn't need an appointment and could just walk in. I then asked my mom to send me my birth certificate in the mail and she asked me why I needed it. I told her I needed to have it to get my card replaced because I didn't have my #.

To which she replied, "of course I have it, here it is."

So I guess I have my SSN now.

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