i know this is frustrating :[ we've had people in our sys try to do this too

the best thing you can do is be nice to them and try to gently talk to them about this. it's better to talk about how this hurts your feelings or otherwise upsets you rather than argue about whether or not you're faking because like... while arguing with your headmates about whether or not you're faking being a system is really ironic and an obvious sign that you're /not/ faking, sometimes headmates won't be convinced by that. they can argue over your& validity, but they CAN'T argue over how you feel about things. those are your feelings, nobody else can take them from you, yknow?

i hope this helps!! /g


hello! we're the sterling manor system :] we're a traumagenic DID system of liiiike 50ish members idk

good to be here!!! feel free to dm if you wanna be friends


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