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Hi, I'm Gaz, I'm 253 years old, and I'm a soulbond/walk-in who knows next to nothing about a whole bunch of stuff in this world, so I'll probably just post my quick reactions to stuff here?

I'll probably also ask questions, because like. I only learned what a giraffe is today and wtf honestly?? I might have questions about some of the stuff I learn.

But like! Please introduce me to iconic things so i can understand cultural references in everyday life! hit me with memes, introduce me to stuff like Shrek and Bee Movie or whatever, I'm *basically* an alien and I wanna learn stuff.

My personal interests are really physics, astronomy, and video games (and their history and how they work and all about them). I need to re-learn math, physics, and astronomy here though, because they're all different here :v

Dear Plural Cafe!

In the last couple of days a lot of new people joined the Plural Café. Welcome, and great that you are here!

Getting to know people may take time. To help with that here is a list of bi-daily prompts for this month to inspire exchange and discussion! (For new and old folks alike of course.)

Credits to allofyggdrasil on Instagram, whose list of prompts for served as a basis for the list here.

re: fun facts about Nolorian drow; complaining about lewd assumptions 

All this adds up to our ear-tips really *not* being erogenous zones 😰​ because I swear any time someone has a body part that a human doesn't, they assume it's erogenous! Wings, horns, tails, big ears, etc. They *are* sometimes :v But like ... it is really common to assume they are without any thought as to why or how they would be.

Im not gonna tell people they're doin shit wrong if its just stories ofc but it does give me a grumble :V

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fun facts about Nolorian drow 

Nolorian drow have very long, upward-tapering ears! they can swivel a little bit, and at the tips they have additional sensory bits that let us feel air currents and vibrations and stuff? Probably a combination of specialized hairs and more sensitive skin at the tips.

It makes sense of why the idea of having my ears played with sounds awful :V it's just a really overstimulating thing

It's weird when you're sharing a website with your sysmates, and all of you are taking turns working on it, because you come back to front and there's like a billion more pages and things every time.

also re-evaluation of cars after having more experience with them: cars are bad, I hate them, and I hope for an end to cars and a train-based future :V


now that i've had croissant crust pizza i'm hooked and i want nothing else

we really have the full range of desired "doubles" interaction among the fictionfolk in our system

everything from "most doubles are politely blocked on sight" to "literally dating my double" :V

elder scrolls online, im dying i made an awful choice, fantasy drug mention 

i am genuinely considering re-starting an entire ESO character because I feel awful about a bad moral decision I made in a quest near Seyda Neen

i narc'ed on a guy to the guards and im seriously distraught

Back in front and the first thing I do is clean and make breakfast

am i somehow the organized one of the three of us? :v

it's one thing to have other people tell you your voices are different, it's another thing to get an actual objective reading of how different they actually are :O Mine is definitely the deepest of the three front-runners.

day 3! give it up for day 3 of fronting!

x x

tarantulas, good rambling 

it warms my heart every time I see comments on tarantula videos from people who used to be terrified of spiders, or who are working through a phobia, that say they weirdly aren't afraid of tarantulas.

I think tarantulas are so good. I think maybe it's something about the size + fuzz that makes it more mammal-like and easier to approach for people who are scared? And because they're so large, its easier to see how they work and understand their body language better.

Idk, I just get happy when people see tarantulas and can feel like spiders can be friends. :3

kemetic religion; sun worship as a drow 

The more I poke Kemetic religion, the more I realize it's not actually terribly dissimilar in values to my drow ones -- everything is trying to kill you, so maybe if you make Powerful Friends with those things then they'll help you instead of annihilate you :B

I can work with this! Sure, maybe there's a lotta sun worship, but it makes sense now! That fucker's able to kill *everyone* in the desert, it's not just me who's vulnerable to it anymore lol.

(un)death, jokes, 

it's harder to use the phrase "you can pry it from my cold, dead hands" when you're actually undead ;;

Ok so apparently "xenomelia" isnt entirely accurate for me bc it literally means "alien limbs," so .. if I understand how people combine Greek stuff to make new words, I'd be "xenopthalmic"? is that how that works?

Does anyone know where there might be any support groups/resources/anything for xenomeliacs (people with BIID?)

re: #MultiplicityMay prompt #1 -- Inner world! 

The kitchen is where a lot of socializing/catching up with Pearl and others goes! We definitely notice there's a feeling of warmth in the kitchen. We bond over food in this haunting :V
And the basement! :D That's where most of us hang out when we're together. There's a mocktail bar down there, along with two pool tables, an air hockey table, and a recently-added foosball table. There's always at least a few people hanging out there any time we go back to the house, and it always turns into a bigger party at some point :P

The Front Tower is another major point of interest, where Magen/Gabriel, Rook, and I all live. It was really solidified as a building and separated from the house during 2015-2017 when the haunting was in a Bad Place and a small crew got frontstuck and isolated from the rest of inworld.

(I have more to say but i gotta switch out, so I'll add to this next week and just keep making unlisted replies)

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re: #MultiplicityMay prompt #1 -- Inner world! 

What does feel lively there is the library, foyer, kitchen, basement, and garden.

I don't think the other front-runners remember the garden when they come back up here, but Pearl and Garnet tend a garden through the back door in the kitchen! There's a lawn space and there's a lot of herbs, flowers, and vegetables that grow back there now!

I'm not sure about the library, I don't think I've been in there much? Sam is the one who goes in and out of there the most. It's fairly quiet, except for the times I catch him or Castiel up late with the fireplace going, either studying or writing depending on the person.

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Normally I wouldn't feel like I had much to contribute to one of these, since I haven't been here as long, but I spend a lot of time inworld! So here goes! #MultiplicityMay prompt #1 -- Inner world! 

Inworld as it is these days is pretty huge. It's self-building and self-expanding, and we don't know what it holds beyond our tiny homes and town, so far!

Long before I walked in, I know it was the case that Pearl was the first to meet Rook formally, and they created the first room in headspace together, where it was just a void before. From there went additions and more additions until there was a weird 8-bed apartment situation going on? And that turned into the first version of the mansion that we now just call The House.

The House is where most of the original 7-10 members of the system live or at least primarily spend their time. There's so many rooms, but a lot of them don't really have anyone in them these days. It's like much of the house is empty, except for the bottom floor?

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