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@setsuna I know Kris definitely helped us figure out gender stuff, I can remember in elementary school a lot of times our brothers and cousins and us would play pretend and I’d be Kris and I’d come up with these grand stories and everyone else would go along with it. It felt better being her than being us

@setsuna then in middle school we were Kirby a lot, we wrote a webcomic where Kirby answered fan letters, we’d make websites about him, we put pictures of him on our bedroom door and said it was Kirby’s house, and online we were either Kirby or a different Kirby who was friends with the real Kirby. People made fun of us for how intensely we were into Kirby. Idk it feels like that was important somehow

@starlight It is interesting that they haven’t popped up in your system yet! We’ve had very deep connections to fictives during childhood, but not in the same way – I think it’s really amazing that you had that kind of experience.

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