{Fef} It does make me think about though what are the best ways to record our experiences day-to-day. Diaries are hard to keep, tumblr/twitter aren’t the right formats, blogging doesn’t feel right. Maybe a private chat room is the key? It’s just weird to have it be completely sealed off from the rest of the world, which I guess is the point.

{Fef} someone on twitter said they created a private Discord server for their system, installed PluralKit, and just talk amongst their system sometimes, and Pink was like “that’s a great idea!!” So now we have one too and it’s pretty neat, highly recommend, although you do need technical knowledge to set it up

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Band: Illegal dumping
Album Title: Shadow that never leaves them

{Exi} Hi, I’m Exi, and I’m a witch. Ok sure I don’t know any spells yet or have a cool familiar or anything but I have a pointy hat and I grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch so I’m at least on my way. I can’t say how much I think “divides me from the rest of our system” or whatever because I think we are not characters that need to be properly played and shit. I’m just who I am.

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{Kelly} I'm tenuously fronting now; always wobbly on my feet after not fronting for a while. I think I got Fef to take a rest, but I keep noticing her up and about in headspace again, and have to get her to rest again. It's hard for her to just take a break, but she always ends up fronting for weeks at a time and gets completely exhausted.

{Fef} going to sleep with Russian music stuck in my head. pls pls can I switch out now lol

{Fef} i really love Super Mario Sunshine, like I think about it a lottt, and I got a plush Shine Sprite!! so here's a picture of me being a nerd ^^

{Rose} i'm rose, I don't know how old I am, but I don't like going outside because theres too many people out there. i dont really feel comfortable talking to people who arent systems so i guess i dont talk much. aradia is my friend, im glad theyre in this system. i havent really thought about what are the things that I like / like to do but maybe that will change. i'm good at walking places.

{Fef} tfw you're tired from fronting too long but you've got an thing with a friend later who's more your friend than another member's friend so you should stay out for that. bluh. I'm like. never confident in my ability to switch when I want to.

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