{Fef} been frontstuck for a while but it's my fault bc I Really want to write fanfiction and maybe I need to take a break but I can't let myself until I finish this fic

today (April 22nd) is Fef's "birthday". it's a very important day for us because it's also essentially the day we started identifying as a system!

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We wrote a song, called "Clipping"! It's about how afraid we are in this political environment, and the guilt we feel at the fact that our own mental and physical health problems prevent us from actively revolting. CW mention of hate crime. It's also quite sad. tgos.fourisland.com/album/clip

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We lived in Australia at the time, where it had a different release date, but I think we had the American version of the game anyway. I bet I can check when I get home. uwu

{Fef} !!!! Ahhh I found out that Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (incredibly important games to us!) came out in the US on the exact date (including year!) that I became aware of myself as being distinct from Host! It was just the two of us back then, and while we didn’t have the language to describe it that we do now, that’s basically when we started identifying as multiple. It’s so cool that it overlaps with something else that’s important to us!

{Fef} we keep forgetting to use this. Been really sleep deprived for the past few weeks and it’s been awful. Blurgh.

{Fef} I’ve been frontstuck for a week now bluhhhhhhhh

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{Fef} It does make me think about though what are the best ways to record our experiences day-to-day. Diaries are hard to keep, tumblr/twitter aren’t the right formats, blogging doesn’t feel right. Maybe a private chat room is the key? It’s just weird to have it be completely sealed off from the rest of the world, which I guess is the point.

{Fef} someone on twitter said they created a private Discord server for their system, installed PluralKit, and just talk amongst their system sometimes, and Pink was like “that’s a great idea!!” So now we have one too and it’s pretty neat, highly recommend, although you do need technical knowledge to set it up

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Band: Illegal dumping
Album Title: Shadow that never leaves them

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