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reminder about definitions and queerness and stuff 


Anyway here's a simple guide to Not Getting Banned From EFDN:

Follow Rule 1

(Rule 1 is: Don't Be A Dick)

Mh mention 

re: body horror? 

body horror? 

foss shitpost 

Me and my close combabe made a meme :ancomheart:

Hammer that boost if u hate ur landlord/letting agent

#ACORN #rentersunions #unions

It is dark, windy, and about to rain. Flashes of cloud-to-cloud lightning in the sky... this is my kind of weather. --Circe

didn't feel like sleeping last night so we did ink swabs with all the sample colors and vials of ink that we have from friends instead

my understanding of the irony-poisoning sense of "irony" (alt-right adjacent, some second person, 387 words) 

these appeals to the police to just play nice are just.... so fucking naive

Techbros will invent the most absurd, complex, and unnecessary things to "solve traffic" as though they've never even heard of like... Trains... And buses...

Just build more trains and buses...

local news article re: police violence 

fedbook, advertising 

re: police violence 

police violence 

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