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reminder about definitions and queerness and stuff 

there is no one central authority of the Definition of Bisexuality and Pansexuality. the council has not created it yet.

until then, we recommend letting everyone define their sexualities on their own terms. like, call stuff nonbinary-hating if it is, but "bisexual is a label inherently exclusive of nonbinary people" and "bisexual is a label inherently inclusive of nonbinary people" are both wrong because bisexuality is a label that means different things to different people

-waves around xeir nonbinary bisexual lesbianness happily-


a movie passes the turing test if it has two AI characters that have a conversation with each other about something other than organic life

Anyway here's a simple guide to Not Getting Banned From EFDN:

Follow Rule 1

(Rule 1 is: Don't Be A Dick)

Mh mention 

Basically: don't armchair psychology people unless they're specifically asking for help?? Don't tell people that they must have trauma/schizophrenia/psychosis.etc bc you don't think they're "normal"

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re: body horror? 

wait are there fifteen of me? --devin

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body horror? 

pausing to adjust my skeleton like i am, in fact, a human and not fifteen snakes, one robot, two demons, and a deer inside of a very convincing shell

foss shitpost 

so what is y'all's foss-sona

mine is a 31 year old white guy who lives in silicon valley and complains about pumpkin spice

Me and my close combabe made a meme :ancomheart:

Hammer that boost if u hate ur landlord/letting agent

#ACORN #rentersunions #unions

It is dark, windy, and about to rain. Flashes of cloud-to-cloud lightning in the sky... this is my kind of weather. --Circe

didn't feel like sleeping last night so we did ink swabs with all the sample colors and vials of ink that we have from friends instead

my understanding of the irony-poisoning sense of "irony" (alt-right adjacent, some second person, 387 words) 

So, "irony" has a peculiar new use ("new" - it's many years old now) closely associated with the phenomenon of irony poisoning, and I think I've figured out where it comes from.

Looking at dictionaries, I see three different clumps of meaning among "irony"'s established definitions: the sort of situational and dramatic irony definitions, which are about odd and amusing connections between expectations and events; Socratic irony, which is the particular kind of disingenuous self-deprecation that Socrates liked to use to make the people he was conversing with look like asses; and the making of (frequently sarcastic or sardonic) statements whose literal meaning is opposite to their intended interpretation.

First one isn't relevant; second one is sort-of-but-only-sort-of relevant; third one - irony = saying the opposite of what you mean - is the one that I think explains things.

When you speak ironically, people aren't supposed to take what you say seriously because you mean the opposite. Anyone who responds to what you say by taking it at face value isn't getting it, because you mean the opposite.

...Look at that paragraph again.

Now strike out the "because you mean the opposite" parts.

The irony that is associated with irony poisoning functions by adopting the /style/ of verbal irony and demanding from the listener that they react /as if/ you were using verbal irony <<no matter what you are actually saying.>> In place of crafting utterances such that the listener can figure out that your intended meaning is opposite your literal statements - that is, crafting utterances that mean something: the opposite of what you literally said - you just say anything and disclaim any meaning it might have.

And the irony poisoning comes because the words still mean something. The use of irony to demand that people not take those words seriously and to mock them if they do doesn't stop the words from doing things - be that harm by harassment and verbal abuse or be that changing minds by repetition of beliefs.

And, for what it's worth, the demand and mockery associated with this flavor of irony are both fundamentally illegitimate. The "because" of actual meaning has been replaced with a "because" of social conformity, and frequently what we are being told to conform to is horrid.

these appeals to the police to just play nice are just.... so fucking naive

Techbros will invent the most absurd, complex, and unnecessary things to "solve traffic" as though they've never even heard of like... Trains... And buses...

Just build more trains and buses...

local news article re: police violence

For even more bonus points, I believe it is straight-up against a new Texas state law to prevent citizens from speaking and voicing criticism in government meetings like this.

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fedbook, advertising 

facebook is apparently sending me ads because my email is on a list somewhere

at least it's vaguely programming related, but the answer to "what is x" is "doesn't matter, this isn't getting past code review"

re: police violence 

icing on the cake:

the dallas cops claim they're understaffed

the primary witness in the case that put Botham Jean's murderer in jail (and for the upcoming civil case against dpd) was shot just a couple days ago

this was the inaugural meeting of this police oversight board

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police violence 

damn, can't even get through a police oversight meeting without those same cops trying to shut it down and shove people around

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