re: multiplicity may day 28 - resources (1/3) 

@packbat yeah sure

well that kept getting longer lol

character counter isn't accurate at all for copy/pasting HTML in I guess

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re: multiplicity may day 28 - resources - list part 4 (5/5) 

  • Astraea's Web (started in 1995, possibly the oldest plurality website around)
  • The Wonderful World of the Midcontinuum (probably the first writing about what we now call being a median system)
  • Grounding Techniques for Dissociation
  • Plural Resources Redux: Post edition
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    re: multiplicity may day 28 - resources - list part 2 (3/4) 

    Blogs & Articles


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    multiplicity may day 28 - resources (1/3) 

    Spent some time Tuesday getting all of the stuff we've read and found useful up on our site. It's very light in non-euroamerican sources & very text-focused because that's the stuff we find easiest to interact with.

    We'll copy the current list into the replies on this post.

    so when we say "me, myself, and I" that really means something else huh
    i only heard singlets say it lol

    uspol, food labeling rule changes, health and safety 

    the FDA is relaxing food labeling rules and allowing unnamed substitutions in products because of covid-related shortages and supply chain problems. While this means companies are supposed to use substitutes that don’t contain gluten or the most common allergens, there’s no way to trust (or enforce) this, and any allergens outside the biggest/most common allergens are going to be allowed and under the radar.

    Yet another example of the administration’s dedication to eliminating society’s most vulnerable.


    re: cont'd cont'd re: novice plurality blogging (-) 

    @packbat @Felthry heh, yeah

    i think 🖤 still has trouble identifying herself (myself? maybe? mmmm... devin blend if we are) and she's been around for awhile. though now that they're using that name instead of their old one it's been easier

    but hey! :ms_hand_clw_t1:

    re: cont'd cont'd re: novice plurality blogging (-) 

    @Felthry @packbat also there's something delightfully ticklish about seeing someone else go through the "don't know who the heck i am.... oh wait i'm new" process

    re: cont'd cont'd re: novice plurality blogging (-) 

    nick change 

    stormclouds at dusk :ms_beginner:
    stardust and raindrops :plural_heart:

    re: cont'd (internalized anti-plural feelings, integration) re: novice plurality blogging (-) 

    @packbat this is a large mood

    i think we might have more to say, but the words aren't forming


    activism and donation requests 

    Something I like to mention, which is important here, are three small words:

    "if you can"

    Because not everyone has the resources to do something. It's just a courtesy to make people not feel like a waste or spend more than they can.

    It's just three small words, that make the difference between ruining someone's day or making them invested in your cause.

    @mo Within whiteness, pointing out an other's imperfection is almost exclusively weaponized as a justification to enact brutality on the struggling rather than the first step of healing and reconciliation.

    I think that's why folks who have been conditioned into whiteness have such a hard time hearing criticism and improving. They know dominant white culture uses criticism to enact violence, so criticism itself feels violent - even if the criticism is a sincere call to healing and growth.

    @SophiaSurname we've called vees and triangles involving systems "a couple" before so like. heh, yeah

    Body-Shaming Again 

    I continually marvel at how so-called Lefties and Progs. can't go five minutes w/o doing this to a political opponent. Yet the world is full of labor organizers, civil rights activists, and otherwise cool people whose body size is somehow never mentioned when they're out there doing good. Yet the shamers will look at you dead-on and deny that sneering at fat people is a form of bigotry.

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