Haven't played gunfire reborn in awhile. Apparently they added... me? I'm getting so much gender from this.

Alex Starfall

i had no idea star adders could be this cute

(cw snake, i suppose)

obligatory unboxing spread picture 

hmm time for more painting

both the omnimech salvage boxes were timber wolves btw. would have been hilarious if the legendary was too


okay so pictured is two radeon x600 video cards

there's a problem though. we only bought one of these, way back when they were new 15 years ago. where the fuck did the second one come from?

found an old phone of ours we could hold just fine and it seems it's not the thinness of new phones that causes us problems but the aspect ratio

pictured: galaxy s4 and moto g7, both of which are similarly thin, but the moto g7 is noticeable wider and taller

(also pictured, the removable battery of the s4)

this awesome pin came in a couple days ago & we very much need to figure out where we're gonna put it

with apologies to @chr (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

i have never seen the inkscape default snake emoji before but it looks pretty tired

what the actual heck is this, element? weird vaguely green and red blobs on the sidebar? i thought my monitor was going out

they don't add any information (and we checked if they lined up with "people" vs. "rooms"), they just sit there and look incredibly bad

self-deprecating car meme 

haven't actually gotten a CEL yet knock on wood

did get an EPC light though, because the battery was dead

aaaand it's on. probably get to the wiring next paycheck

110 lb-ft is a lot of torque for us (right about the cap for turning the 2ft wrench one-handed). we should probably actually work out lol


we need a bigger torque wrench tho, all of ours are only 80 lb-ft

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