we really need to do a better job educating folks about how the map is not the protocol

mentions being in the body of the status is convention and abstraction, activitypub has address fields just like email but they simply aren't displayed

seeing a lot of people blaming pleroma for the spam today and hey, maybe they did have a plugin that automates the @\everyone process, and they definitely have a more-asshole-on-average culture

but out-of-body mentions are just an activitypub feature that software can do. i think friendica does it, and monsterpit put hashtags elsewhere

@starfall literally anyone can use AP to post stuff, just because someone uses a certain front end software doesn’t mean that it is that softwares fault. you don’t blame gmail for scammers, you blame the scammers

@starfall Is there some tool that can visualize ActivityPub data? A Wireshark view would be really cool, so the user could see different layers and structures, but even just a diagram that shows these structures along with where they are signed, validated, and what fields are actually in a message.

For example, where does a toot go and how does it get there? Obviously not every post goes to every server and certainly not every endpoint, but what determines where it does go?

@HappyHeathen @adam yeah this was the closest thing i could think of, just the examples from the standard

mastodon's extensions (which define how it's used in practice on most of the fediverse) are... not really documented very well, so it's not particularly enlightening

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