It's come to our attention that folks are missing quite a bit of Monsterpit's commit history. We don't have everything preserved, but we do have:

Always remember to gently the kobolds and that big tails never fail, folks.

-- Alex & devin Starfall

@starfall oh my gosh, I'm so glad you've made these mirrors!

I've contemplated maybe forking a flavour of Mastodon myself and re-implementing features from Monsterfork into it - there's a good few features from Monsterfork that I desperately miss and have no real idea how to implement in the software I currently use.

@holly heh

well, we've got them around because we've been intending to do that forever, but never found the energy to deal with mastodon's obnoxious codebase

so more power to you and i hope we can cherry-pick some commits if you do end up doing that :P

@starfall I'll say I won't commit myself to it, since I know I might be underestimating the task that'd be at hand, but if I do I'll certainly keep you in the loop!
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