Being bipolar means routines are one of the main focus for stability.

I've tried, abandoned, and tried over again many routines but nothing sticks with me. Either I get triggered and go in a new phase and let go of my prior stability, or it's a routine a bit too strong for the strength I have while living with CPTSD and OSDD.

So, I'm just asking this here because this instance has a huge amount of character per toot :

Do you have any app helping you managing your routine? Not something like habitica, but something with simple good simple visuals which helps you seeing what your week is going to be and easy to manage?

Thanks ~
If it works on both a /e/ phone and a computer that's definitely a plus.


@dustycrew primarily adhd so i'm not sure thst our needs and abilities are exactly the same but we've never been able to make anything except physical reminders work

big dry erase boards

sticky notes everywhere, which is only helpful for short term tasks because otherwise they become part of the decor

bullet journal & planning the one to three most important things to do that day made part of the morning routine (importantly, "rest" is allowed to be the only thing you do on a day)

we don't plan even as far out as a week, three or four days at most

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