got a 2019 nissan sentra as a rental and just

there is zero point in creating vehicles like this. it's not fast, it's not fun, it's not spectacularly fuel-efficient, the brakes are terrible, it sucks more to ride around in than your average bus or train, and it can't carry a whole damn couch inside of it. why does this exist.

our old honda fit was better on literally every count of this.

it wasn't fast but it felt faster, even though the power-to-weight is worse, because CVTs suck

it handled amazingly for being a commuter car

we got 28 city / 38 highway and that was after 14 years and losing a bunch of aerodynamic undertray bits off the front; it was like 32 city / 40 highway when it was new (despite being rated for 27/34; accelerate fast, stay in 5th, and be patient in traffic and you too can get good fuel economy)

the interior was pretty well put together. it was cheap, sure, but didn't feel like trash

and we've fit cargo in there that SUV owners were jealous of, like couches and motorcycles and everything we owned in ~2014.

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and our new-to-us GTI is way faster than it needs to be, handles pretty well, the interior is pretty damn nice, and it's still a hatchback.

only gets 28/37 miles to the gallon which isn't amazing (it's what the sentra is rated though :ms_upside_down_smile:​)

and the cost to own is basically the same as the sentra would be.

oh and the brakes are better than most other folks' on the road, which we discovered the other day when we had to slam on the brakes behind an accord who wasn't paying attention and got rear-ended (no damage).

used cars fucking rock, i hate this goddamn consumer and car-as-people-carrier mindset that manufacturers and lack of public transportation and have drilled into people. zero reason for boring cars to exist, if you don't need to carry stuff then it should at least be either fun or relaxing to drive

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this has been car rants with starfall, please (but with some nuance)

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