we've been trying to vent our feelings constructively instead of just sitting around angry, and other people have already said everything we want to say to the white folks who are continuing to involve themselves in this discussion without educating themselves or sitting with their feelings in the slightest, so here's some paint bucket emoji edits we just did

:ms_black_trans_flag: :sparkling_heart_black_trans: :treblesand_black_trans: :heart_trans_black:

(oh and there's also :trans_furr:​ which was already on the instance when we became admin)

black trans flag by Raquel Willis
mutant standard by Dzuk, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
sparkling pride hearts by amethicc
treblesand is public domain
pride hearts by discord user CAMERATA#4771

@Zelamir glad to hear that!

(hopefully a cleaned up version of :heart_trans_black:​ catches on and not this one, the paint bucket weirdness is a little obvious)

@enbyss nice! i was pretty sure we weren't the first folks to have done this

@starfall I wasn't 100% whether we did, and damn I'm glad we did

@popstar @starfall @ArtistMarciaX i have no internet :(
I'll upload as soon as I can

@david heck yeah!

i recommend using the other :heart_trans_black:​ that exists on fedi, it's a little cleaner. has it i think

@starfall this makes me happy my account is on this instance! :heart_trans_black:

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