meta (bi discourse & subtoot) 

To avoid hurting folks, we hold ourselves to one short rule. It's particularly applicable in situations like this:

don't define words for other people.

There's a difference between expressing discomfort at something & telling folks that they aren't who they say they are. One sure-fire way to know where the line is, is when you start looking up etymology to tell other people they don't know what they mean by the word they're using.

re: meta (bi discourse & subtoot) 

@starfall (boosts? we don't know the full context but we like this principle. - 🐲 )

re: meta (bi discourse & subtoot) 

@packbat boosts are probably not helpful immediately on this one. though we'll consider reposting later

re: meta (bi discourse & subtoot) 

@starfall 👍🏽 🐲

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