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We updated a bunch of emoji on Saturday night! We can't figure out how to get the emoji picker to update though.

But we're now on Mutant Standard 2020.04! If the emoji picker does ever update, we've also hidden the color variants to make it faster, and written up a page to tell you what the shortcode is for each color:

We've also added @chr 's dragon emoji! :dragnuwu:

& a new pack of sparkling pride hearts :sparkling_heart_enby:

these emoji were renamed: (the old versions still work for now)
:ms_nail_varnish_clw: and variants -> :ms_nail_polish_clw:
:ms_confused: -> :ms_dizzy_face:
:ms_triangular_flag: -> :ms_triangle_flag:

these emoji were removed: (but still show in the picker)
:angry_horns_ms: (use :ms_imp_angry:)
:angry_steam_ms: (use :ms_angry_steam:)
:over18: (use :ms_18_plus:)
:ok_paw_x80: (use :ms_ok_hand_paw_k3:)
:open_paws_x80: (use :ms_open_hands_paw_k3:)
:paw_x80: (use :ms_hand_paw_k3:) new emoji: dragns (screenreader unfriendly) 

:dragnconfused: :dragnhearteyes: :dragnmelt: :dragnmlem: :dragnowo: :dragnpats: :dragnsad: :dragnsob: :dragnsweats: :dragnthink: :dragnuwu:

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:sparkling_heart_abro: :sparkling_heart_ace: :sparkling_heart_aro: :sparkling_heart_bi: :sparkling_heart_bigender: :sparkling_heart_demiboy: :sparkling_heart_demigender: :sparkling_heart_demigirl: :sparkling_heart_demiromantic: :sparkling_heart_demisexual: :sparkling_heart_enby: :sparkling_heart_gay: :sparkling_heart_genderfluid: :sparkling_heart_genderflux: :sparkling_heart_genderqueer: :sparkling_heart_intersex: :sparkling_heart_lesbian: :sparkling_heart_nebularomantic: :sparkling_heart_pan: :sparkling_heart_pangender: :sparkling_heart_poly: :sparkling_heart_polyam: :sparkling_heart_trans: :sparkling_heart_xenogender:

Show thread new emoji: mutant standard (screenreader unfriendly) 

_hoof variants of mutant standard hand emoji, e.g. :ms_metal_hoof_p3: (not all hooves are available yet, check the official demo page at

:ms_ambulance: :ms_articulated_truck: :ms_avocado: :ms_briefcase: :ms_bus_stop: :ms_car: :ms_club_suit: :ms_construction_sign: :ms_cookie: :ms_currency_conversion: :ms_delivery_truck: :ms_diamond_suit: :ms_dollar: :ms_egg: :ms_enby_crossbow: :ms_foggy: :ms_heart_suit: :ms_infinity: :ms_light_bulb: :ms_mechanical_arm: :ms_mild_panic: :ms_minibus: :ms_moon_viewing_ceremony: :ms_mountain_railway: :ms_national_park: :ms_neurodiversity: :ms_pizza: :ms_palms_up_clw: :ms_pinched_fingers_clw: :ms_siren: :ms_smile_w_tear: :ms_soap: :ms_spade_suit: :ms_steam_train: :ms_sunrise: :ms_sunrise_over_mountains: :ms_suv: :ms_taxi: :ms_tofu: :ms_yawn:

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re: custom emoji updates 

@starfall would totally :dragnhearteyes: the announcement, but that only allows pickable emojis :dragnsad:

re: custom emoji updates 

@ofafeather yeahhhhhh

they're even in their own category and everything!

though the fact that they don't show up in the API either points to it probably being an issue with either data integrity or however the heck they're cached

so that's at least a lead

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