Follow new emojis (screen reader unfriendly) 

Hey folks, I don't know if anyone remembers when @treblesand showed up a month and a half ago and provided us with a new symbol for plurality, but we've finally added a whole slew of pride flag versions of it as emoji here.

Enjoy, y'all.

:treblesand: :treblesand_ace: :treblesand_aro: :treblesand_bi: :treblesand_enby: :treblesand_gay: :treblesand_lesbian: :treblesand_maverique: :treblesand_pan: :treblesand_polyam: :treblesand_polysexual: :treblesand_trans:

re: new emojis 

noticing the inconsistent plurals in this post

it's us :ms_stick_out_tongue:

and also "emoji(s)"

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re: new emojis (screen reader unfriendly) 

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