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You know, it's been bothering me that all of the pro-contrapoints takes I've seen have been focused on the validity of the complaints folks have about her. People believe those things for a reason, and even if you don't think they're correct you still shouldn't just dismiss the harm they felt. If you don't understand why people are feeling one particular way or reading something different into the situation than you are, that's a great opportunity to ask and learn, not to express astonishment that yours is not the only perspective in the world.

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This is not exclusive to takes in favor of her, of course. But in my opinion, validating the concerns of folks without looking into how we can handle them in healthier ways is a far sight better than just dismissing them.

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@starfall the dismissiveness is an assertion of power

People can dismiss the complaints about her without reflection or listening but everyone must listen to her two-hour attack on her critics


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@kittybecca i have been trying really hard to avoid getting to that conclusion because i hate the idea that we'd have that in our community, but you're right.

had a discussion with a friend yesterday about it, and we talked about how most of her friends who were all for it were invested in channer culture and irony poisoned as heck. so basically just disguised reactionary bootlicking

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@starfall i mean i'm not convinced it's a malicious assertion of power, more a kneejerk, fragile assertion of power of the common variety that definitely occurs in our communities all the time

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