plural positivity 

Anyway, all y'all are great and I love that we have this space. Every kind of system is great -- traumagenic, endogenic, tulpamancers, gateways, quoigenic, and anything else I'm forgetting or haven't learned about yet. Disordered or not, still figuring out how to work together or already there, you're spectacular.

If there's one thing I believe in above all else, it's self-authorship: finding what works best for you and giving others the space to do the same.

If anybody tells you that you can't be who you are, well, fuck the haters. You do you.

transmeds/sysmeds re: plural positivity 

It's telling how quickly transmeds and sysmeds will jump to making assumptions and invalidating folks they don't like. Because for them, it ain't about the diagnosis, just about wielding it as a tool to discredit and attack people.

Screw that backstabbing bullshit. Use whatever language fits and helps you become a better you. Change it if you need to. That's the point of community, is finding folks who can help you understand and empower yourself.

I try my best to offer that space here. I don't always succeed, but I do try.

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re: plural positivity 

@starfall I needed this after being attacked by a swarm of anon hate from several sysmeds. Thank you.

re: plural positivity 

@Eeveecraft The timing is spectacular, ain't it? Glad this was helpful to you!

re: transmeds/sysmeds re: plural positivity 

Yeah, they were calling me a whore, a racist, called me several racial and ableist slurs, and for the most part acted like edgy teens using slurs and harassing people to look cool. The fact that I only slept a few hours last night is hitting me and this whole thing made me feel more bleh.

re: transmeds/sysmeds re: plural positivity 

@Eeveecraft @starfall

{P} It's really something, how these sorts paint themselves as the noble, progressive sorts fighting for the justice of the oppressed, and then pull this shit. :rolleyes: Seems to be a constant with every group of exclusionists we've seen.

re: transmeds/sysmeds re: plural positivity 

@hungryghosts @starfall
If you wanna see it for yourselves, I've decided to use them to show an example of how bad systemeds really are on my blog and kept most of the sh!t they spammed me on there. I'm saving it, so I can send it to literally every sysmed who tells me, "Endogenic systems aren't abused or attacked!"

re: transmeds/sysmeds re: plural positivity 

@Eeveecraft Oof. Well, I'm glad we could provide a glimmer of light on a dreary day for you, and I hope tomorrow is better.

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