dallas tornado warning 

wew, haven't heard sirens for an actual tornado in a bit

it's a little over 10 miles away so there's no immediate danger. going to be sitting around in our bathroom for a bit though and the power keeps flickering

will update folks later if we are safe

update re: dallas tornado warning 

today i learned exactly what a tornado sounds like. 12 years of living in tornado alley, you'd think we would've heard one before. freight train is more or less accurate

power's out and there's insulation and foamboard all over our yard but us and all our neighbors are safe for now

oop sirens starting up again, back to cover

re: update re: dallas tornado warning 

from what folks are saying, sounds like it tore up the alley at the end of our street and a few streets down from there

that is significantly too close for comfort but we're safe

re: update re: dallas tornado warning 

getting time for storm round 2

i would like any tornadoes to be farther away than the last one please

dallas tornado warning 

@starfall Yikes. Sounds like y'all are getting it quite a bit worse over in Dallas than we did in Arlington. Stay safe over there

re: dallas tornado warning 

@auravulpes yeah the touchdown at love field petered out basically over top of our neighborhood in garland. there's insulation everywhere in my yard now

couple more touchdowns in the south suburbs i think

update re: dallas tornado warning 

@starfall good luck :<

re: update re: dallas tornado warning 

@starfall yikes :( :(

stay safe, good luck

re: update re: dallas tornado warning 

@starfall am yikes!

glad y'all are safe

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