hey, question about image descriptions since folks are talking about them a lot today -

occasionally we'll post an image that is totally described in the text. is it better to leave the image description blank, fill it in with a "described in text", or just duplicate the description?

@starfall that is a good question!

I feel like "described in text" might be the way to go? or duplicating the description. idk, though, so ... boosting your question

@starfall i thin described with text because some people use readers

@starfall i’ve been duplicating since i suspect screen readers and other such technology rely on an HTML tag that is unique to the image (alt), but haven’t actually validated that assumption. curious what others are doing / prefer

@starfall I'd probably try to find some way to put it that feels more natural than "described in text"; perhaps say, for instance, "the (thing) mentioned in the text, a (brief description)" or something like that

@starfall mmmm i dont usually write in my descriptions what i write on the toot text, i.e toot says: this is a draw this un your style hosted by X and the image description i write "this is a drawing of a girl with pink hair wearing a fluffy white sweater sitting by a fireplace." I think if you write in the image description "this is a dtiys by x" is kind of mean, it doesnt describe what was drawn

@kros_artt Let's assume I post a pic of a cat, and the toot says "my neighbor's cat is so fluffy, orange boi best boi, look at him sleep" - do I still write "fluffy ginger cat sleeping" in the image description? What's going to happen if I don't? I think that's what @starfall wanted to know.


@the_panda_system @starfall in THAT case.. yeah i dont think its needed, thata why i said it depends haha, but just how many times are we that descriptive with our captions?

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