#introductions (long post) 

Hello everyone! We're a median system of...some. The system name is Starfall and we all answer to the 'singletsona' name Kelsey. We work as a fullstack software dev. Here's everyone we've encountered so far:

Circe - she/her - I'm a demon literally made of spite. I do most of our day-to-day and political activism.

devin - ze/zir - The snake is very excitable and has very little impulse control. Being with partners brings zir out, as does anything cute or cuddly. Amateur mechanic.

Chloe - she/her? - Having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment, and sometimes falls out of contact with the rest of us. Writer?

Sonata - they/them - Network AI in a robotic kobold body. A recent addition, so we haven't had much time to get to know them.

fox boy - he/him, they/them - A fox boy with an incredibly fluffy tail that he loves to wag. That's about all we've seen.

Athena - they/them - Lives in a different headspace than the rest of us. Has only come to front once.

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