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#introductions (long post) 

speaking of si's, half tempted to play through the mass effect trilogy again and see if we get a tali fictive. maybe just kin tho

welp i guess i forgot that was a special interest, alrighty then (re: 4x game infodumps i just boosted)

more infodump (fantasy themed 4x games now) 

infodump (space-themed 4x games) 

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creep meta, meta meta 

Meta, transmasculinity 

normalize self-reinvention for everyone tbh. name changing should be merely the start. people shouldnt be afraid to discard the parts of themselves that are holding them back or that they feel like they need to shed

the masc discourse i guess 

frustrating but completely understandable social media dynamic stemming from the parties involved being good people (some swearing) 


re: masculinity (& cw) meta 

masculinity (& cw) meta 

"I don't know about this consensus stuff, it seems complicated. Isn't it just easier count everyone's hands (twice, just to be sure) and then compare the number of raised hands to the number of people present divided by two?"

actual consensus: "So it sounds like most of us want to do x. Is anyone opposed to that? ..... Okay, then let's do x!"

re: university, alexa 

open source rant 

university, alexa 

Snake girl joins twitter, makes a typo in her bio, gets blocked for misspelling #naga

i wrote a poem! here it is:

i am a kitten
and i mew
because that is
what kittens do


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