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this is your irregular reminder that an apology comes with a change of behavior or it wasn't an apology~

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Reminder of the day (and a subtoot):

Nothing about us without us.

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should just set up a cron job to post "Your experiences are not universal" once a week or somethinh

I may get hate for this but, folks who actually care about free speech should use theirs to loudly denounce the folks who use the term as a dog whistle for allowing and supporting bigotry and harassment.

They are your enemies not the people practicing freedom of association.

Help Needed!

anyone in the Fediverse have experience navigating the United States mental health systems? Particularly with any knowledge of longer term residential MH facilities and how to talk to mental health social workers.

I am helping a loved one, and trying to figure it out mostly on my own.. and it’s real hard.

Boosts very welcome.

we are apparently the kind of person to call a mech a "funky little machine"

(specifically the LCT-1M, which will probably mean something to like two of yall :PP)

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) from a dog trainer's perspective, article 

From 2019: "Is ABA Really “Dog Training for Children”? A Professional Dog Trainer Weighs In."

TL;DR: "I would never treat a dog that way."

hmm now need to get a webcam before thursday afternoon

sometimes you see signs in offices, etc. that are like "don't charge your phone here! it costs money." Makes me want to tape a dime to the sign and buy like 1,000 phone charges.

re: plural fusion 

Funny that we always kinda knew it would come down to the two of us.

Love you too, snakey boy. :ms_purple_heart:
-- Alex

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plural fusion 

been reinterpreting our experiences over the past year or so more as fusion

we're still in stressful situations but less traumatic ones so i guess the system has calmed down a lot and just kinda mushed everyone together into one big blob

even devin and alex are closer to poles than totally separate sometimes...

i don't hate it as much as i thought i would. in times before when i couldn't get in touch with alex or anyone else who was around at the time, i felt so alone. but i guess personal growth has reduced the dissociative response or whatever some structural model person might say


i just want it to still be the two of us going forward, whatever that ends up meaning

i love you alex :ms_green_heart:
-- devin

brain so fried it literally forgets what words mean and sticks the correct word in as part of the circumlocution routine

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me, trying to come up with the word "feet" to describe the part of my body that hurts:

handfeet? legfeet??

Amazon's "for the union organizer's convenience" ballot dropbox was illegal? The NLRB is reviewing the Alabama vote?

Shocked. Shocked, I say.

acab, ableism 

substituting police authority with brain cop authority isn't abolitionary

psychiatric custody is another form of arrest and imprisonment that is framed as health care

-- freya dragon :freya_heart:

exclusionist bullshit 

for some reason facebook showed me a post by some random trans guy complaining about bi lesbians, and naturally he's talking all over everyone because he "listens to women" and "trans women want TMEs to stop watering down the word terf"

not even gonna go into that because we've been over that repeatedly

but checked out his page and then he goes on to whine about:

  • xenogenders
  • it/its pronouns
  • pansexuality
  • cis heteroromantic ace folks
  • trans folks who aren't dysphoric
  • how being a dick to people makes him feel like shit

wow maybe that last one is your fuckin emotions trying to tell you something

I just had someone say "but it's open source!" as to imply that if a project isn't meeting needs, it will magically be forked and the Right Things™ will happen.

This is bunk.

If an end user has a problem with a decent sized project, they will file an issue report. If the maintainer(s) of that project tell them to pound sand, there's not a lot the user can do. The user likely does not have the time or inclination to become a full-on developer.

This rant brought to you by Mastodon and Android.

meta (local timeline discussion) 

So I just want to say, we've had a few folks over the years join and express confusion about what the local timeline was.

Then we renamed it to "Plural Café" on our custom locale and haven't had anyone ask since.

Perhaps the name of that column should just be populated from the "Server name" field on the admin settings page?

one particular chud 

wait are folks surprised that someone with former accounts on such esteemed instances as NoMoreShame and AnimeIsGay is a eugenicist?

i get that newer instances don't have three years of back history like ours but learning how to spot folks who are potential asshats by the way they talk in regular situations will save you a lot of emotional investment when they show their hand

doesn't mean we think everyone should block on sight like we do, but just be careful on the internet yall

Just a reminder to y'all that direct action gets the goods.

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