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this is your irregular reminder that an apology comes with a change of behavior or it wasn't an apology~

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Reminder of the day (and a subtoot):

Nothing about us without us.

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should just set up a cron job to post "Your experiences are not universal" once a week or somethinh

painted another mech

this time an Awesome in purple and white, and checkered shoulders. they didn't come out the same and i'm still trying to figure out what i did differently with the wash

also finally bothered painting a base lol

post in unlisted. ur posts are too good to be seen by weirdos on instances youve never heard of

Maybe we should just have a moratorium on jokes about entire fucking instances.

Every instance has their quirks, some of which can be quite funny, but there's so much inter-instance drama that is is actually quite reasonable to read such jokes as a threat.

Better to judge individuals, unless said individuals are admins and are doing fucked up shit.

putting all my shit on do not disturb has been amazing for my mental health. you have no idea how mentally taxing constant intrusive notifcations are until they stop

coming out as snake-kin because I too get anxious when given too much space, not enough space, too much stimulation, not enough stimulation, too much food, not enough food, the temperature is slightly off, anything changes at all, someone interacts with me, someone *doesn't* interact with me, have a bit of a lissssp, give great hugs, and I like to eat eggs

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and my muscles-
My muscles involuntarily flex,
And that has made all the difference.


should get out of bed at some point

shower, food, couple of image edits that just occurred to us

<it occurs to me that vell-os telepathy is a valid typing quirk>

<one that gets removed by the overzealous html sanitizer on mastodon but regardless>

Unskilled labor is a myth that employers use as an excuse to pay workers less.

Any labor takes some amount of skill to do. Just because quote-unquote "anyone can do it" doesn't make it unskilled. And what's more, many "unskilled jobs" are imperative to our society and its functioning. They are as important as, if not more than, the work of managers, executives, and "higher-ups."

Fuck anyone who puts you down by telling you that your work is unskilled or deserves to be exploited more. Your work is valuable. And so are you.

like, I care about some of y'all, but boundaries are important.

what is most important, though, is accepting when someone enforces their boundaries! of any kind!

one thing I understand about my queer circles and the kind of queer folk I hang around with is that mistakes will happen. people WILL misgender us or deadname us or be weird about our partners.

and mostly? that's *fine*. that's honestly fine!!

what matters is how you handle when you fuck up!

idk, gender shitpost 

yeah i'm a wife guy; i'm a wife, but also a guy. and also i love my wife

ableism psa: pain (for able bodied people) 

People, including health care workers (and especially doctors), think that people with chronic pain are/should be screaming in agony the whole time or demonstrably unable to do things constantly. The fact is that the pain doesn't stop and neither do our lives and material needs (not easily met under capitalism), so we find new ways to cope with the pain.

As pain changes from being new and intense to simply the default part of day to day life, disassociation becomes very common.

People sometimes ask me how my pain is and I often don't even remember we are in pain until we reflect on it, we've got that good at finding coping mechanisms. We can feel the agony when we let ourselves be aware that we have a body in this world and we can see its shadow in how disabling it is to our life.

Point is, if someone tells you they have chronic pain. Just freaking believe them and discard your expectations of what disability looks like.

bound collective

❄️ just found out about technology

damn y'all wtf

oh no could you imagine fictives and kinnies getting cease-and-desists?


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.... so you know emoji pronouns, right? what would happen if we used creative commons licensed art in our pronouns

for instance, :qvp: self

LB hat uns an das ,,de-le-system" erinnern:

also, so wie ,,der Freund, er" und ,,die Freundin, sie", wird das geschlechtneutrale ,,de Freundir, le" sein

gibt's auch alternativ ,,del Freundon, sel"

i don't remember who we saw this from! i know someone here on fedi had it in their bio

A reminder that ‘pronouns’ is anglocentric; I’d love, love, _love_ to help figure out words of address for other languages, and to help figure out non-binary address in languages where an animated neuter that can apply to people just does not exist. #InternationalPronounsDay

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