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this is your irregular reminder that an apology comes with a change of behavior or it wasn't an apology~

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Reminder of the day (and a subtoot):

Nothing about us without us.

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should just set up a cron job to post "Your experiences are not universal" once a week or somethinh

if an animal has ever jumped onto you, you are a lepton

if it was a cat, you're probably a muon. depends on the cat

wordpress links about kin 

I don't think I am nonhuman/otherkin/etc. (at least for now), but I like Cor's posts about the subject a lot and think about them from time to time:

The student bowed.
"Master, I am sorry."
"Why were you absent yesterday?" the sword master asked.
"I don't know. I... simply could not get out of bed."
"If this happens again..."
"Allow yourself to stay in bed."
"A blunt sword can be honed. A broken one can not."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

303 Headmate temporarily unavailable, but you can talk to me instead.

I think the solution here is to just draw the art of myself twice. Once in full safety gear and with horns and tail shifted away, once in something a little more comfortable.

-- Alex

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Its ok not to feel smart. Its ok to need an explanation. Its ok to not be the best at making arguments.

Intelligence is a pseudoscience, and internalized ableism can bite my entire ass.

Thinking about helmets for motorcycle riders with horns.

...I'm really not sure they can actually work.

massachusetts politics 

The Massachusetts Bail Fund has responded to recent controversy that's put them in the spotlight this week.



*loads CD-ROM*

*16-bit splash screen*

"functioning labels: interactive edition"

glib response 

@starfall roll for workplace accommodations

Related to last boost, but I discovered recently that the DSM 5 uses "levels" in the ASD diagnosis. It's literally just functioning labels, 1 2 or 3 based on how much support you need.

Interacting with mental health care is literally now a class- and level-based roleplaying system. :ms_expressionless:

"low-functioning" autistics, intellectually disabled folks, people with low or no empathy, people who experience violent intrusive thoughts, violent delusions, folks who scare you that you try to distance yourself from when you talk about mental health.

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can we please care about ableism towards stuff like bipolar, cluster b disorders, psychotics etc for like one second before centering the conversation on depression and anxiety

"I don't really understand all that non-binary stuff" I don't need you to understand I just need you to not be a piece of shit about it

us poking around with CSS changes 

some of these UI tweaks were on our todo list, at least...

all done as userstyles for now but we're going to try to make

and we're going to lean heavily on the monsterpit implementation of the link underlining to learn how to do that lol

  • adjusted colors on boost, favorite, and bookmark to a higher-saturation CMY theme
  • most text size increased a little bit
  • emoji size increased
  • links in statuses underlined by default
  • fixed one link that was intended to underline on hover but didn't (in the "User followed you" notification)
  • added underline on hover to a couple other kinds of links that don't have them already
  • removed "recommended" label from settings - might just move them to things that are more appropriate than autoplaying GIFs and listing yourself in the profile directory, we'll see

Mozilla take 

Mozilla should stop trying to be like every tech shit company out there and re-structure itself into a worker-owned cooperative.

aro mood: muting the flirting & pda channels in discord servers while leaving the outright lewd ones open

anyway color theme is not winning the poll so we'll do something else

but when we do that we're definitely going to clobber the scss variables with css variables

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playing around a little with styles in stylus and wow the whole section thing is... very strange

one section can be applied to a different thing, but an unclosed comment can turn everything else off (without affecting the syntax highlighting >.>)

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