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#introductions (long post) 


software & direct action 

person: make sure to keep your inner child alive
our little: yes please do

so often i feel like callout culture is more interested in targeting and eliminating than teaching and growing


<Vyr> i'm here!
<Vyr> i'm queer!
** Vyr quit (connection reset by peer)

Queer folk expropriate the other 6 deadly sins challenge this morning

CW discourse 

PSA: meta, rich text, gargron 

work, ~ 

how to fake global illumination:

1. for each point on a surface, ask yourself "if I was a tiny bug sitting on the surface of this object, what would the sky look like?"
2. think more about being a bug
3. enjoy thinking about being a bug
4. make a bugsona
5. make friends with other bugs
6. find a function that approximates the average sky colour. this will be a proxy for the hemispherical integral, and add that on top of any specular contribution

Sunbeam Meta //coop is a disaster 

websites whose paywall is just an iframe and "position:fixed" on the main content (which is all still loaded) - thank you for your service

example boost with cw 

i hate that i can't boost with cw, i really find some stuff important or funny but i think it is very necessary to tag with stuff like "loud noises", "violence", "cursing" or even the most basic "ec".
does anybody know how to do this in some other way that is not boosting, at least?

why "nsfw" is a bad content warning 

forbes link: "The Allure of Pocket Neighborhoods" 

ancap, eugenics 

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