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this is your irregular reminder that an apology comes with a change of behavior or it wasn't an apology~

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Reminder of the day (and a subtoot):

Nothing about us without us.

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should just set up a cron job to post "Your experiences are not universal" once a week or somethinh

it's interesting to read corporate announcements and pick out the social engineering tricks

take twitch's most recent one, for instance. "we're in this together" to make the reader feel like they somehow have the same power and influence as a billions-of-dollars corporation, citing the customer pricing of AWS video delivery as if they don't get it at cost (or effectively so, if you look at both balance sheets), whatever math trick they come up with to say a paid prime sub somehow "increases your share" - as if it's not just a loss leader

just on the mind after the fiancé(e) and us got faer sewing machine fixed yesterday (the bobbin spinner bit was seized up, i think?)

late night brainwave 

the tummiest

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All Sleeping Town and #Jortage services will be going offline shortly for migration to a new server

There is a lot of data to transfer, so this will unfortunately take a while as the SyS → OVHcloud migration means I can't move the containers one by one, as I have to change ownership of every IP simultaneously, and I can't even create a vRack despite the two servers being in the same datacenter, so I'm limited to my public bandwidth limit.

The newer server has a 5x higher bandwidth limit, a much faster CPU, faster RAM, and faster disks. The current server is a grandfathered one with a bad price — notably better specs are available on OVH's new server range for the same price, but I opted for this server at a $20/mo price increase as we're really feeling the squeeze on these old, Spectre-vulnerable Intel Xeons. The new box uses an AMD Zen 2 processor.

After the services go down, I will likely be discussing progress on my backup account, — you can also, as always, check and

Apologies for the downtime. See you on the other side. I will be prioritizing restoration of Jortage Storage Pool services.

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A lot of people have earned our distrust, here on the fediverse, and in this kind of context, it's easy to see that as all there is...

...but also changes happen. People listen, reconsider, become better. It's not a unicorn, we've seen it from people close to us, and recently. There's mindsets involved, and skills to be honed, but ... I mean, our idea of someone who means well isn't someone who's perfect, it's someone who changes.

And anyone can find ways to do that. We believe in you.

- 🎒

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This is tangential to some of the meta conversations from the past month, but a blog post we wrote a couple years ago and are still proud of is "How to Be a Jerk Ethically":

Personally, we have a lot of negative feelings around the selves we used to be ... but one thing those selves did was hold back on reflexive contempt, to listen and be considerate. To be the kind of person that people could disagree with.

And that let them change. Disagreement is a gift that way.

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good luck to Jamaica, whose gov't is seeking $10 billion in reparations for the slave trade, and is working on getting out from under the UK monarchy

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subtooting a colleague re: queen 

"we shan't see another like you in our lifetime" aye i sure fucking hope so

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Weirder Earth is officially returning to approval-based registrations. Anyone who wishes to join this instance should read carefully through the server information - - and the rules - - and describe their reasons for joining in the provided text box; the moderators will review applications regularly.

apparently we talk to @packbat enough for zir element chat to burn into our phone screen so that's fun

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UB announcement 

Hi everyone, I am writing to let you know that I won’t be able to keep running anymore. Our lives and safety are of utmost importance to me. This fedi thing hasn’t helped me with this. And there’s not much pro-black support on here just like in life. I don’t have space for a second dangerous place for me to be. UB will be coming down in about a week. Just giving folks a chance to find another spot if they want.

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*trying to sound neurotypical* i enjoy biting cute people the normal amount
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folks is not only great for all genders it's also plural-friendly.

folks: it's great to say

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cis gender take 

One of the things I appreciate about the concept of silly microgenders is that it provides a framework through which cis folks like me to begin construing “man” and “woman” as broad umbrella terms just as much as “non-binary” and, thus, deepen our own understanding of gender.

Saying that my gender is “a nice cabby hat” is silly and kind of a bit. But it also isn’t just a bit. It legitimately feels comfy to me. And I see it as a specific enactment of “man” or whatever, so having that as my gender isn’t making any claims about being non-binary. It’s about deepening and making more nuanced my understanding of my binary gender.

(And, actually, I kinda see “a nice cabby hat” as a sort of Venn diagram situation. I’m in the part where it overlaps with “man”, but it overlapping with “woman” and also having a portion that overlaps neither seems wholly correct).

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white millennials and gen z desperately pushing the "Boomers are like this because they ate lead" really doesn't sit well with me. Like the obvious ableism aside, this collective "they" thing makes me hyper aware that they assume this of out of BIPOC as well. Are all of our elders great? No, but they're a lot more likely to have consumed lead contamination than the white affluent boomers and like, wow, the internalized bigotry they have was taught to them by white society so🤔

I mean it's either that white boomers are just a product of entitlement and white supremacy or lead poisoning magically only affects white folk because like there are dominantly Black cities and Indigenous reservations where people have been consuming lead contamination for generations.

Maybe you family just sucks

re: old meta 

imagine calling yourself an ML and so utterly failing to engage with material conditions that your first response to someone saying "teachers are cops" is to laugh at them

when it's not just possible but extremely likely their teacher was instructing them in propaganda, enforcing the dress code, refusing to let them go pee, with an SRO on call, and leading jROTC after school

the easiest damn pitch of class consciousness in your life and you whiff it to be cruel

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old meta 

seeing some people today learning for the first time that american textbooks are straight-up propaganda

and remembering people on here who ridiculed anarchists who were distrustful of schooling and teachers

dreaming up all sorts of false facts about family members today

like that one of my great-aunts actually has a super long name that starts with "Eugene V. Debs"

or that a cousin is apprenticed to a famous knifemaker

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