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#introductions (long post) 

Abuse pol/discourse, Sensitive Subject Warning 

Gratitude lists not working for you? You're not the problem.

This essay said some things I needed to hear at a time when I really needed to hear them. I'm putting this out there in case someone else needs to hear them, too.

this is probably the best we've drawn this little system logo and it might be the best we draw for awhile

look at that line variation from an extra fine nib, never let anyone tell you it can't be done :p

Software engineering will become real engineering when we scrap the idea of humans knowing things, and instead give the IDE data about every layer of abstraction, from the hardware level upward

autism; ableist stuff and eugenics 

other people using a label you use, does not affect you. labels are personal, and only personal. there is no such thing as a universal shared experience.

software meta 

Thoughts on activism / despair / and lack of separate spaces for such / climate change mentioned 

How β€œThe Golden Rule” Harms Autistic People


"Do you know how many interactions cause autistic people harm and could be easily mitigated if non-autistics stopped assuming other people were exactly like them? If instead of projecting our own needs and emotions onto others, we actually learned about each other’s differences, listened to other people, and respected their own different needs and way of being?

If we treated people how they would like to be treated, rather than how our own selves would like to be treated – this would make such a large difference in so many neurodivergent lives.

The assumption that everyone in the world has brains that work the exact same way actively harms minority neurotypes– and disabled people in general. This is why we need the idea of neurodiversity, so that people understand that not everyone has a brain that works the same way as their own. And that doesn’t make anyone β€œwrong” or β€œbad” or β€œweird”– it’s just different ways of processing stimuli.

All of those different ways of being should be respected and heard– not just one".

restless leg syndrome is just snake tail dysphoria

Why are NB characters always represented with flat chest ? boobs are legit for NB people too.

And in general, being Non-Binary is NOT about to be as androgynous as possible

CWs are just asking for consent, nothing more and nothing less

A reminder that

- I am not "becoming" a girl
- I do not "identify as" a girl
- I *am* a girl

apology for biphobic wording we used 

queerbaiting, birdsite link 

techposting; FLOSS daily; pol 

Therapy is healthcare and should be free.

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