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#introductions (long post) 

gonna try to sleep now. i think this storm is down to straight line winds and not twisty boys

re: update re: dallas tornado warning 

re: update re: dallas tornado warning 

update re: dallas tornado warning 

dallas tornado warning 

ever think about how many """weird""" behaviors are demonized by suggesting they're inherently sexual in nature

you ever not realize how fucked up you still are about something until someone mentions someone who shares a name with the person who caused it

just got asked my pronouns at a trucker-ass gas station by a dude in a ford truck baseball cap

it's the future yall

system little things 

calling a spade a suit of cards (harassment and abuse meta, physical violence as metaphor) (291 words) 

@garbados Apparently the idea of Indigenous people trading pelts for squash or whatever is something Adam Smith just full-on made up

There have been a lot of anthropologists that have studied gift economies (likely the dominant system before colonialism, not barter) and have written things like "they give each other gifts on the assumption that they'll be owed a gift back sometime in the future," and then give absolutely no evidence for that. Whereas the ones who actually ask the people doing it are often told "nah, I gave him that because he's my bro and that's just what we do." The tit-for-tat relationship is just imposed on it to maintain the idea that capitalism is natural (whether intentionally on the anthropologists' part or not)


retracting last boost (regarding GitLab ethics) 

People helping eachother out is the most whip ass thing on this earth. Do it whenever possible. But also never feel bad if you do not currently have the means to. Just wanting to do it means u whip ass too.

fountain pen inks (cw'd for picture of hand) 

trans stuff 

meta, subtoot 

XR: "We plan to cause civil disobedience"

Cops: "B-b-b-b-b-ut that's illegal!"

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