do folks here know about ? its a list of prompts to talk about multiplicity things for every day in may! its made by instagram user allofyggdrasil and it will be the second year of this challenge.

i would be very happy to reflect a little bit about my system and my understanding of multiplicity here! anyone else interested?


@stained_glass ooh! neat

we'd be quite interested in reading and maybe participating in some of these (probably not all of them)

image text 

an instagram(?) post by allofyggdrasil

1. Inner world
2. Communication
3. System/alter names
4. Something an alter made
5. Clothes and makeup
6. Introjects
7. NPCs
8. Meme
9. Non-human alters
10. Splitting
11. Face/voice/place claim
12. Religion
13. Sexuality
14. Gender identity
15. Journaling
16. Coming out
17. Switching
18. Favourites
19. Alter roles
20. Selfie
21. Disabilities and disorders
22. Race, ethnicity, language
23. Story time
24. Drawing of an alter
25. Relationships
26. The system community
27. Hate and stigma
28. Info resources
29. Systems in media
30. Day-to-day life
31. Your system

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