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boys came up with "disgender" today, meaning probably dissociated gender identity AND disliking gender very much

trauma mention, shitpost 

system changes 

bad people 

am i just feeling passive influence or did a fusion just happen? we'll never know.

our system mythology is getting too weird in my opinion

dissociation is so normal i dont even notice it anymore

system update, - 

i'm back! it's funny that no one noticed when our interests went to self-made goth nights & drooling after original skinheads who loved reggae. - iisa.

can't switch, can't sleep. i shouldn't even be fronting. - aava.

trauma stuff 

because of DID i am my own affinity group ❤️

starting to think we have OSDD instead of DID but anyways, i'm leaving that for the professionals to decide.

broke: writing your thoughts about your boyfriend

woke: writing from your boyfriend's perspective

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