hospital, mh 

Packing feels soooo very weird

So soru set her posts to autodelete after some time now, except if she starred them herself :3

Should soru be happy or sad that she is leaving the hospital in two days? This makes no sense, everything is so confusing and bubbly...

I-is it really ok t-to wear ears a-and tail in public? Many miss-recognize them as cat, too, instead if fox x.x the white colour scheme prolly doesn't help....but soru *is* a white fox with caramel spots and black dots!

It's actually really nice how people here respect sorus "no" to them asking if they can take a photo with her (she is wearing ears and tail in public). Like, seriously, they just respect that


Only one more week hospital left and soru does not feel prepared for what is to come next at all x.x Insurance won't pay any longer :(

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Genau mein Humor. 😂

"Etienne Klein präsentiert eine Scheibe Chorizo-Wurst als Stern Proxima Centauri

Etienne Klein hat im Internet eine Scheibe Wurst als Aufnahme vom Stern Proxima Centauri ausgegeben. Was als Scherz gedacht war, hat Anhänger der Astronomie tagelang beschäftigt."

Sleepy. Days blend together, thoughts keep jumping from day to day. Like, today is friday? Ohwait, the phone says thursday.

Stumbling about random posts about inclusivity ending with "We're all human after all". Like, doru gets that there is no ill-intent. But yet it stings a bit x.x

Who even thought it was a good idea to get up at 6:45 for weighing and blood pressure measurements....every week x.x soooo tired


Soru often feels like she is just fake and that is terrible ;~; Like, not even a real fox, not even whatnot.....

Is it weird to find foxies extremely cute if you are a fox yourself...?

Hey past soru, please go to bed earlier!

Started using again,of course with Bismuth for tiling, and rit is really awesome and well-polished!

Therapy, Muteism 

When you can't talk during therapy but are somehow able to type on a computer and thus you do that and your therapist reads along what you type

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When you wake up at 4am to go to the bathroom and can't sleep afterwards x.x

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hashtag the cis and their silly conception of how personhood must somehow always be tied to flesh

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