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Band recommendation, witchy stuff, sex mentioned, setting fire to the patriarchy 

I think some of you might appreciate that there is a Witch Rock band.

"In February of 2018, they released their full-length album Red Magic [...]. It’s a concept album about feminism, sex, lust, love, setting fire to the patriarchy, and Bobbi’s journey of self-discovery and owning her sexuality."

And on top of that, their music is pretty awesome as well!


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Multiple/plural folks are asking me how they should fill in the Gender Census, and asking me to change the survey in future to accommodate plural folks, and I do not know enough to even know how to respond. Thoughts welcome?? 😰

*favs entire conversation of two other people*
Immediately afterwards: oh no, is this okay, is it weird to do that, oh no

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neptune_ebooks is just a theory...A GAME THEORY! 

Do you ever just want to scream

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