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Hi, I'm Rayne๐Ÿชข
I front from time to time, but usually not for prologued periods of time.

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Hi, I'm Cassidy๐ŸŽ€
I'm currently having a hard time fronting, I think because the rest isn't doing very well and I'm not good at dealing with that.
I'm usually very excitable. Things are nice โค๏ธ

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Hi, I'm Rey๐Ÿƒ
I can usually front for prologued periods of time, though being nonverbal limits when I can/am willing to front

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re: worship 

@sophia ๐Ÿ“˜Every year in the coastal city of Gart there is a festival for the Paws pantheon. The most notable feature of this festival is the encouragement of animal participation, whether it be pets or wild animals lured in by food, it is said that having many and varied animals in the festival pleases the Paws gods. Cleanup after the festival, however, is a considerable task.

video game 

๐Ÿฑ yesterday I finished KH2 randomizer for the first time \o/
And I even got the final hit :) (kinda hard to hit. It's not relevant at all, except for pride I guess?)
I stayed up a little late, but gosh was it worth it!

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Tusky hides a bunch of toots from our home timeline for the last two or three days and I don't get why D:
Like: when I open the app, the posts are there for a second, then disappear. If I see who wrote the post, I can click their profile and see the post there, so I know it's not just deleted again.
Plus, this even happens with our own posts sometimes D:

I don't think we've got specific words muted, at least I didn't see that in the app. Any other ideas what might be causing this?


video game 

๐Ÿฑ We recently got into Kingdom Hearts 2 Randomizer, and gosh, it's so much fun ^-^
A partner system of ours inspired us to try it (thanks, love)

And today I managed to do the cavern of remembrance skip, which is kinda hard, and gosh that felt so good and rewarding, I probably spent 10 minutes giggling ^-^

time to once again tell the story of the dude in my geometry class in high school who, before each lecture, would take a Pepsi bottle out, uncap it, allow the green anole inside to run up his arm to his shoulder, and put his head down and nap. the anole would just stay on his shoulder the whole time until he woke up and returned it to the bottle. he aced all his tests so the prevailing theory was that the lizard took notes for him

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Does someone know a good instance for one of our littles?

Normalize talking by text messages when someone is overwhelmed and doesn't seem to be able to answer/express themselves

(Talking about people in the same room)

Open for validation :boost_ok:โ€‹ 

You are 100% valid.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to exist.

Anyone who says otherwise is just scared and/or jealous.

โค๏ธ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’œ

Also, Cassidy feels closer to front again, which is also a good sign ^-^

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Rey fronted again today, which is both lovely and a good sign, mental health wise ^-^

๐ŸƒI love that I have some level of intuitive(?) understanding for where acupuncture points are (for massaging purposes)

It's such a lovely validating feeling when someone else notices the switch before you do ^-^

mental health 

Yesterday we learned that perfectionism causing "either I do something perfectly or not at all" can be (and in us likely is) a symptom of depression. And in our case uses it to then tell us that we're a failure.
Well, I hope we can somewhat fight against it now.

mental health, positive 

๐ŸƒSometimes we have to remind ourself of the positive sides of the features of our brain. Like mirroring others hurts us sometimes, but it also enables us to do cool things, like making us much better at massaging.

๐ŸŒ  I just felt Cassidy again (it's been a while), and that felt so good I actually started crying ๐Ÿ’“

mental health 

This does remind me of just how often we go into doom mode/no way out mode, and how often there actually is a good way out/forward and we just can't see it. Need to figure out how to do that better.

Part of that is probably reflecting on it when we feel better. Even though that hurts, it might be helpful overall.

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Long post, spoon theory 

The way we see it, there are 3 different kinds of spoons

Physical Spoons
Literally how much physical energy you have
Low spoons looks like: exhaustion, pain, loss of fine motor control/clumsiness
Caused by: physical exhertion, injury, chronic pain
Can be recouped by: resting, using equipment like braces or canes

Mental Spoons
How much mental energy you can devote to tasks
Low spoons looks like: difficulty communicating, inability to focus, being tired but not physically able to fall asleep(if physical spoons arent low), loss of fine motor control
Caused by: intense mental exhertion like working on a difficult subject, pain, pushing self while on low physical and emotional spoons
Can be recouped by: consuming low effort media you enjoy, doing mindless tasks

Emotional Spoons
How much energy you can devote to handling emotions, your own or other people's
Low spoons looks like: inability to care, difficulty handling emotions, difficulty/inability to handle difficult topics
Caused by: high emotions for a longer period of time, taking care of other people's issues, being overwhelmed, pushing self while low on physical or mental spoons
Can be recouped by: spending time with people or things that make you happy, focusing on yourself and not worrying about other people's problems for awhile

We find emotional spoons are the hardest to recoup, and take the most time. If you feel like you're getting low on any of these spoons, take a step back, if you can, and focus on trying to gain them back. I will say that the "can be recouped by" is our methods of recouping. There may be other things that help you better! If you have different methods that work better for you, do those! And just remember to be kind to yourselves~

kink, spanking 

*tries out paddle on sub*
"Hmm, I can't tell how painful that is. You need to try that on Jessie at some point."

Plurality is great sometimes :)

mental health, positive 

We need to do this solution-oriented approach more often. Sara helped us do today for a bunch of topics and it was really, really helpful <3

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