well, manager never spoke to me like the supervisor said he would, so didnt have to come out as plural at work today. im so relieved

re: spore (the videogame) critter screenshot, entering tribal stage 

this is my second playthrough btw i played through this once as a kid going full friendliness+diplomacy whenever possible as a herbivore but never beat the galaxy stage

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re: spore (the videogame) critter screenshot, entering tribal stage 

i was stuck in the creature stage for a good while because i ended up on a fairly barren planet with long distances between any pockets of life and pretty much no fruit despite picking omnivore route

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spore (the videogame) critter screenshot, entering tribal stage 

Awawa has come so far

gonna come out to my corporate job as plural today because ive been letting my alter front at work the majority of the time and they need to know at this point. first time doing so in a professional environment 😬​

my art, cartoon wormy creature with humanoid head, ec, wavy but not overly bright rainbow background 

ideal form for communication

like i can usually talk unless im very stressed when i go nonverbal but most of the time im only ever getting off an approximation of my thoughts because retaining them consciously when they must be brought out of my head is hard

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i have so many in my brain always in very consistent and solidified ways when they are just in my head privately but they scatter away like pillbugs under a light when i try to write them or form them into actual conversation directly

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words are overrated i wish to simply communicate through wiggles

re: headmates ooc, silly 

these are the first words sephs gf has heard us say out loud
- 💙​lex

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headmates ooc, silly, sweaing 

*conversation with irl gf out of context starting here*
seph: i wonder if lex is italian
lex, faster than they've ever responded in their life, out loud for the first time ever, with way more energy than i've ever seen them with: "IM NOT FUCKING ITALIAN"
*irl gf, seph, and the body and everyone losing our collective shit laughing*

re: pos +, drugs/medication, system update, ego death, switching 

and we didn't even have to do wild drugs. all we were on was a mild dosage of weed, our regular very low amounts of antidepressants for our anxiety, and some non-psychadelic mushroom supplements for brain health

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pos +, system update, ego death, switching 

we experienced a light version of ego death for the first time in our lives at the peak of a point of great growing and evolving we're going through as a person rn. it allowed us to feel a peace we've never been able to before with inevitability and seph, who usually fronts, was able to feel safe enough to let go and we were all able to let go of our sense of "selves" enough to all be in our mental space at once on an equal level and consciosly choose who took control. others are still learning how to actually take the reigns, but we think with practice we can try having other members front with seph being the co-consious one. this is wonderful and revolutionay and something we want to experiment with more. seph was also able to come back to full fronting again after a little grounding and focus so we know in a safe enviornment we will be alright. we feel much more in touch with each other ourselves, this body, other people, and the world around us.
-somnium-animus system :plurality:

headmate discoveries 

hm we think that druppy might be mostly nonverbal, at least when trying to talk while fronting
-:plurality:​ Somnum-Animus

switching, regression, ev speaking 

soOOOO apparently when i age regress instead of feeling younger i turn back into Page like I take on their headspace,,,one of the older members here who's on of the shards that made me??? if that makes sense?? idk terms hard we are tired
-☣️evren/​:ms_orange_heart:​ (page?)

we need to update our icon we finally have the short fluffy hair we've always wanted in the physical world <3
-:plurality:​ somnium animus system

i love hanging out with my headmates before bed....cozy -seph💜​

long, multitober, inner world 

We have multiple inner worlds. The one we have been developing to all convene in together is a quiet, cozy living room in a cabin.

Somnia's headspace only appears to us when we are dreaming. It is an open grassy field with mountains where the dragons reside. The sky there is blue, dotted with white clouds, and vast. In there we take on her form and soar through it.

Evren's world is a vast, fleshed out cyberpunk dystopia in a distant future. It's a city filled with layers and residents of all sorts of shapes and forms. It was once a city populated by humans until certain events lead to said humans becoming aberrated-their genetic code altered artificially leading them to become things inhuman in a wide variety of ways. Evren lives in the undercity with their partner in an apartment. They sometimes take on the form of Evwen there, their shapeshifting plushie thoughtform. This world mostly appeared on its own highly developed, but we have consciously developed some of it.

Druppy does not yet have an world, but we plan on deliberately creating one for it soon.

There are other members who have their own worlds, but they are currently asleep right now so their worlds have not been active in a while.

-:plurality:​ Somnium Animus

member update 

I have let everyone else know that I go by she/her now. I have realized that I align myself with the feminine, although I have not worked out the specifics yet. I find myself becoming more aware and capable of communicating through human speech.
-🐲​💜​ Somnia

inner community work 

we just had our first formal internal meeting, based on advice from kinhost.org. we're working towards collaborating and communicating more healthily along with making sure that everyone gets the proper time and care they deserve. we're also establishing some important boundaries and rules from now on so no one's just running amok doing whatever they want or interfering with the household functioning anymore. we're going to be respectful of each other and work together from now on.
-:plurality:​ Somnium Animus

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