long, multitober, inner world 

We have multiple inner worlds. The one we have been developing to all convene in together is a quiet, cozy living room in a cabin.

Somnia's headspace only appears to us when we are dreaming. It is an open grassy field with mountains where the dragons reside. The sky there is blue, dotted with white clouds, and vast. In there we take on her form and soar through it.

Evren's world is a vast, fleshed out cyberpunk dystopia in a distant future. It's a city filled with layers and residents of all sorts of shapes and forms. It was once a city populated by humans until certain events lead to said humans becoming aberrated-their genetic code altered artificially leading them to become things inhuman in a wide variety of ways. Evren lives in the undercity with their partner in an apartment. They sometimes take on the form of Evwen there, their shapeshifting plushie thoughtform. This world mostly appeared on its own highly developed, but we have consciously developed some of it.

Druppy does not yet have an world, but we plan on deliberately creating one for it soon.

There are other members who have their own worlds, but they are currently asleep right now so their worlds have not been active in a while.

-:plurality:​ Somnium Animus

member update 

I have let everyone else know that I go by she/her now. I have realized that I align myself with the feminine, although I have not worked out the specifics yet. I find myself becoming more aware and capable of communicating through human speech.
-🐲​💜​ Somnia

inner community work 

we just had our first formal internal meeting, based on advice from kinhost.org. we're working towards collaborating and communicating more healthily along with making sure that everyone gets the proper time and care they deserve. we're also establishing some important boundaries and rules from now on so no one's just running amok doing whatever they want or interfering with the household functioning anymore. we're going to be respectful of each other and work together from now on.
-:plurality:​ Somnium Animus

the weaves are fawwing so i got to jump on them n cwunch them! :3
-🐲​🐶​ druppy

Hi! We're the Somnium Animus System, a recently-realized median system who's core is Seph. We've been around nearly their whole life in some way, but only just now are realizing we are and putting names to our existences. :plural_heart:

Seph is 21 years old, a college student, genderqueer, and a lesbian. They're also neurodivergent and dragon-hearted.

Info on the other members can be found through the link in our bio! We hope to use this instance to talk more about our experiences and let each member have a safe space to be themselves. It's nice to meet ya'll!

-:plurality:​ Somnium Animus

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.