fictional character feels, lyrics 

@soda i know that i could do so much if i could just believe in me

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fictional character feels 

pumpkin weiss latte season

@soda tbh it’s less stress with tone preserving / retoning shampoos and stuff lol

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not getting a split dye lol just going full the colour i wanted lol

sometimes you just gotta dramatically lip sync to everything has changed, when you’re walking home i guess lol

yeah il y a will always be cool because it was the first alice et moi song i heard, but filme moi is such a mood

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i always somehow feel bad when the song that helps me discover an artist isn't my fave anymore lol, and i don't get it

personally i love the prospect of talking nonsense en deux langues

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i like how i went from, nuuuu gotta be perfect when i use it to, je m'en crisse 🤷‍♀️​

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i'm at that obnoxious language learning phase where i just drop les mots français in my talking at random

next time i'm dans la city i might go by the hairdressers and ask them about a split dye and how much i'd need to grow out my hair first


Learning new skills or developing existing ones by starting projects that don’t end in completion is a perfectly good and positive use of one’s time.

I know I have enough plushies, but seeing this cute plushie makes me question that.

@soda i guess the worst bit for my perfectionist brain is that there’s no real answer to this and it’s hugely subjective and personal

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imagine if i had any clue about how stuff is meant to sound or anything tho lol

music? sounds? something? 

I don't even know what a music is.mp3

@soda tbh i kinda shift between none and hyper empathy and it’s tiring

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