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or more correctly i guess , i took a slight break and decided to kinda start again on my own personal account here rather than a system shared one.

But anyhow, I'm sodaline (ends with an een kinda sound) or just soda. I'm a genderweird person from the uk, mostly she pronouns because they're the closest to being comfortable tbh.

I'm not really sure what to say other than I'm a writer, I like writing weird and perhaps darkish fiction with lots of nd and lgbt characters in them.

i kinda special interest baseball a lot at the moment, especially the washington nationals

i have no idea what to say really but if there's anything you wanna know feel free to ask tbh

people who mix metals together are so alloying tbh

kinda wanna find something to special interest, but my probable adhd is always just like no this, no this, no this, no this, and i can never just focus on one thing 😣

actually it's called a shortstop because whoever plays that position has to wear shorts where their jersey normally would go

like ever think about how there could be life out there in the universe but we're stuck in our human perception of things and might be just missing things that are right there, everything is so human centric (not that we really have any way of doing anything better)

i used to be so fascinated and stuff with science but then uni happened and it sapped all the interest and stuff from it , i wish i could somehow get that back :/

if i get taken away for searching for radioactive materials you can buy then i’ll miss you all :p

@soda hi yes i’m wearing a pendant made out of a radioactive material why do you ask (no i shouldn’t do this really lol)

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@soda torbernite looks cool but isn’t it mildly radioactive lol?

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i have nowhere to put cool rocks/ minerals but i’m still looking at them online and ugh i want them lol

hate how when i’m hypo journaling or mood tracking or that kinda stuff seems like this amazing idea but when my moods get lower it’s like nah can’t be bothered :/

holy macaroni the ending to game 4 was wild

ridic stuff 

feel bad because the cute shop person asked if i speak polish and i don’t :(

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blending with jinx rn lol 💥

mood stuff 

sad girled again

imagine if you didn’t have to link a fb account to that headset, it would be way cooler tbh

well i ended up having to grab the audio from my imac and line that into my pc but i can now use one usb headset to listen to both computers lol

no hayley williams it’s actually not fun living in the real world

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