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or more correctly i guess , i took a slight break and decided to kinda start again on my own personal account here rather than a system shared one.

But anyhow, I'm sodaline (ends with an een kinda sound) or just soda. I'm a genderweird person from the uk, mostly she pronouns because they're the closest to being comfortable tbh.

I'm not really sure what to say other than I'm a writer, I like writing weird and perhaps darkish fiction with lots of nd and lgbt characters in them.

i kinda special interest baseball a lot at the moment, especially the washington nationals

i have no idea what to say really but if there's anything you wanna know feel free to ask tbh

imagine being such a pretentious author that your protag echolalias hexadecimal code to herself as a calming mechanism 😅

selfie, eye contact, boosts welcome 


need to stop wanting to describe my feelings using characters lol, how are people supposed to know what i even mean lol

may have just called voice chat using a phone retro lmao

*extremely allie x voice * why not give it a try? be a beautiful monstrosity

i guess spending an hour looking for my airpods is better than sitting around bored for an hour lmao 🤷‍♀️

my parents don’t like security on the wifi :/ so i basically just use the guest network with it on which might not be idea but at least i can call it cri-fi lol

people on other social media are complaining about intergender wrestling, and saying shit like: "movies are different because they're purely fiction"

and I... I just....ummmm? what now?

@soda and feels like the only solution is the disconnect myself from and avoid anything that could be taken that way (despite enjoying affection and attention and all that)

it’s tiring

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@soda like really really hate it, some stuff is nice and fun but nope apparently has to have some deeper/ romo coded meaning instead of just being allowed to be enjoyable

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kinda hate how so much stuff is romo coded ngl

can't believe i'm allowed to be this cute tbh

calling it a 1.5th draft because it's just me slightly tidying up the first draft tbh lol

things i find amusing at the moment:

wildly underestimating things whilst still being technically correct, (can you believe it’s been more than 5 years since the dinosaurs went extinct)


listing things starting ridiculously and then ending with a really normal things

(them : anywhere
me: the moon? the centre of a black hole? or even at your house?)

can that place reopen so i can sign up for acting classes

@soda you can all blame @squish for a few times calling me a fae creature for this realisation lmao :p

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not saying i’m really a fae creature or anything, but it sure is fun buying and making people food 😏

sad, neg 

it’s way too early to be awake and feeling this alone :/

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