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or more correctly i guess , i took a slight break and decided to kinda start again on my own personal account here rather than a system shared one.

But anyhow, I'm sodaline (ends with an een kinda sound) or just soda. I'm a genderweird person from the uk, mostly she pronouns because they're the closest to being comfortable tbh.

I'm not really sure what to say other than I'm a writer, I like writing weird and perhaps darkish fiction with lots of nd and lgbt characters in them.

i kinda special interest baseball a lot at the moment, especially the washington nationals

i have no idea what to say really but if there's anything you wanna know feel free to ask tbh

me watching walk off wild pitch compilation: ugh that one's clearly a passed ball :bun_grumpy:

@soda i have zero idea what it even is but it’s just funny linaloooooooool

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when i’m bored in the bath, i can always count on the word linalool to make me laugh

plurality trashposting 

our memories are like everything else in our lives; an unorganized heap of everything just piled up in a cluttered corner.

like i downloaded that pokemon moba type thingy game and of course i choose the support class

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like if your game gives me the choice of being a healer or support class or maybe a tank, i am going to choose it no matter what, even if it makes it slower or less easy solo

me: ugh i should try to gain exp in the most efficient way possible

also me: hmmm there's this other person here with kinda lowish middleish health I should maybe just stand around watching them for a while in case they need me to heal them

one of these days i should really take a deep hyperfixation into baseball spin physics and stuff

huh i only knew rosin as a baseball grip enhancer, learning new stuff is cool :)

yellow hair, dissociative, in a confusing nonsensical world…. seems similar to some thing

not to be gay or anything but alice et moi’s voice just does something to me lol

hi i'm vaguely dissociated and not sure who i am today

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