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or more correctly i guess , i took a slight break and decided to kinda start again on my own personal account here rather than a system shared one.

But anyhow, I'm sodaline (ends with an een kinda sound) or just soda. I'm a genderweird person from the uk, mostly she pronouns because they're the closest to being comfortable tbh.

I'm not really sure what to say other than I'm a writer, I like writing weird and perhaps darkish fiction with lots of nd and lgbt characters in them.

i kinda special interest baseball a lot at the moment, especially the washington nationals

i have no idea what to say really but if there's anything you wanna know feel free to ask tbh


imagine waking up and not completely hating yourself

do i gradually upgrade my computer or save to buy everything in one go :/

of course now i can afford a cool graphics card upgrade loads of them are out of stock everywhere 😣

gotta ride the wave of hyperfixation while it's around i guess

be sure to use genderflux when smelting your genders in the genderfurnace

@soda good luck me trying to find aesthetic dresses that don’t just end up coming to my mid thighs though lol

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having one of my genderfluxing wanna dress super “girly” phases lol


might have accidentally aerosolised capsaicin while cooking chillis , ouch my eyes and nose

wow i self published by book two years ago and i’ve not finished anything creative since then :/

social, not about anyone on here 

it only took someone 5 rejected discord requests for them to get the message apparently lol

like if i unfollow you on everything take the hint lol

yeah i know it’s not great but they were being kind creepy towards me

sodaline being an anagram of slain doe sure is something lol


how to not completely hate myself????

@soda it’s a new year why can’t i be someone cool and cute for a change lol

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