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or more correctly i guess , i took a slight break and decided to kinda start again on my own personal account here rather than a system shared one.

But anyhow, I'm sodaline (ends with an een kinda sound) or just soda. I'm a genderweird person from the uk, mostly she pronouns because they're the closest to being comfortable tbh.

I'm not really sure what to say other than I'm a writer, I like writing weird and perhaps darkish fiction with lots of nd and lgbt characters in them.

i kinda special interest baseball a lot at the moment, especially the washington nationals

i have no idea what to say really but if there's anything you wanna know feel free to ask tbh

why is swapping the first letter of words so amusing to me :/

lyrics stuck in head, repetitive 

les éoliennes les éoliennes les éoliennes éoliennes les éoliennes les éoliennes

"art"?, drawn eye contact 

might go back and touch it up or perfectionist over it, but i do really like how this turned out

selfies, eye contact, boosts welcome 

@soda you see her staring at you from sixty feet six inches away, what do?

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look i just need a benzene shaped ring to wear for the aromantic pun

ever just think about the supersonic baseball cannon?

reading about the magnus effect on baseball pitches lol

cursed, gay 

hey babe can i throw you four balls cause i want you to go to first base

wish i had the clothes to go with anything other than black or dark grey though lol

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ripped tights might look kinda cool and edgy but i prolly need to buy some new ones lol

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