"it's just like talking to people on the internet, but in real life" - my brain, attempting to be reassuring

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The opposite of upside-down is upside-up.

learning guitar has not made my air guitar any more accurate

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

-joining discord servers only to get too anxious to say anything

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anyone want to give me emo music recommendations?

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ever want to listen to like five different songs at the same time? ;-;

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ICE Raids - Last Minute Reminder - Keep People Safe If You Can 

best thing about playing sly is destroying signs that say "keep out" and "private property"

why do i only realize my typos after i post? ;_;

managed to get emulate sly 1, and it runs well. c:

blink 182 

can we all agree grumpy bear is the best care bear?

i really like the box car racer album, it's a shame they didn't make more music like that.

ageism, transmisia 

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