vent, last one probably 

he was right. he was right about me when he said no one would stay when they saw who i really was. why would anyone?


at least she'll have the life now. people will have to acknowledge her as a person maybe. and she'll have more time and that will be good.

vent, swearing, not in a good place 

fucking ruined everything. it was good so of course i ruined it. goddammit there's no way things will be okay after this and i ruined it for my sister she was finally getting what she needed and i had to be fucking stupid and get attached too. and he'll be mad, i'm sure of it and there's just no way in hell he'll still be there after this. and the worst part is we were going to do something nice tonight and now it's fucking ruined. it doesn't matter what i think, what i intend. it doesn't matter what I try to do. it all comes out wrong and i end up hurting people and getting hurt. i don't want to be here in this role anymore and i'm so tired. i'm out. i'm fucking out. maybe if i cut and run now he'll keep Nami- Lika

absolutely nothing is stopping you from being completely and disgustingly self indulgent. draw fanart from ur fave cartoon from when u were 12. play pokepark wii as a 20 year old. identify as a vampire online. who gives a fuck anymore. not you

end senpai culture, it is poison.
presented without context- Homura
Stop calling it that that's not what's going on!- Madoka

current mood: 😱​- Lika
😒​ I can't believe you did that- Madoka

In other, frustrating news, we want to be working and interacting with friends but end up with vertigo and eyestrain whenever we try to engage with the desktop screen :(- Lika and Kyoko, who need to unblur

Acting on trusted advice, we've decided to lock this account and our twitter. We'd really like to be more publicly visible but certain hate groups are on the prowl- Kyoko

Tonight has been vaguely unsettling and has really just thrown me for a loop. That said, here's an F for one of my favorite online spaces, which has just had an influx of new users that have radically altered the culture -_-;- Lika

Someone wanted to look up prepping stuff this morning (we can't remember who, it was probably Krane or Silva) but they want to avoid racist and ableist sites an Autistic, Endogenic Plural find something that actually makes sense to read?

(Unlisted but feel free to boost. It's genuinely annoying trying to find not-bullshit.)

- Ryunosuke

speaking of...we should practice what we preach...need to bathe and do our hip stretches...-Homura
...No, I promise we're not actually 70 years old :P *is embarrassed of hip stretches*- Lika

General expectation guide to being friends with the sharetheworld collective:
Only talk to us when you're enjoying it and it's not getting you in trouble externally- when you don't have time or are needing to do self care, etc. We care about people in general and our friends in specific, and we're always concerned about our impact- Homura

i feel absolutely ridiculous calling these things 'toots'. I will likely be stubbornly using 'post'- Homura

the old man we live with...keeps turning the heat up to 72...its like an oven blasting and it hurts our sinuses...we've asked him 3 times to keep the heat a couple of degrees lower (still abnormally warm) and he's agreed... once is a coincidence, twice is suspicious, three times is enemy action
the worst part is I told him it was really hurting "me"- like causing actual pain- so it's not like he doesn't know. This feels malicious- Lika

Feel free to respond if you think this is about you, and are inclined to and open to getting to know us. Criteria is being a mutual here and on twitter, which is currently... Two systems. It's one but the other is cool too and we would also like to get to know them, so yeah feel free to interact- Lika

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As in, a strong feeling of wanting to be friends. Not a romantic crush on a friend- Lika

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It's become somewhat of a shared feeling, and friend crushes are suffering- Lika

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Tfw you have a sysmate wanting to interact with a system and get to know them but you haven't made contact outside of being mutuals on social media and you don't know if they're okay with random messages or if that would bother them it- Lika

To do:
Put Kyoko's bio on the carrd
Write content myself
Let Kyoko finish that introductory piece
Watch that introduction to the platform video
Talk to those friends of ours
voice call?
check for replies on that other platform
Haha whoops that twitter thread I was going to do that I forgot about
work on mindset and communication
try to get in the habit of figuring out what thoughts are coming from who
at some point, sleep
- Nami

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