This is the last time British Columbia does Daylight Savings. We will not spring forward next year.

@setsuna This is what I understand about the current situation (and timeline I'm not sure where we are). There is legislation in place (here I'm not sure if it's been passed) which commits BC to switch to year round "Daylight Savings Time," along with most of the Pacific time (if not all) areas in Canada and the US. Similar legislation has been introduced elsewhere.

The thing is, I'm not entirely sure if it is even going to happen, because it's all contingent on everyone switching at the same time.

I personally (though right now I'm hating the early dark) would rather be on standard time year round. But I *think* part of it is to be aligned with Mountain Time.

@setsuna omg omg omg packing my bags now no daylight savings here we come!!!


@setsuna too bad Alberta didn't have the guts to scrap it

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