furry/twitter drama - native stuff 

furry/twitter drama - native stuff 

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@extinct What the hell? THIS is the hill she wants to die on?

@setsuna apparently so. i don't get it. it would take so much less time and energy to acknowledge that she overstepped and apologize, but she is determined to play the victim versus peoples who literally experience system oppression every single day

@extinct Yeah, that always gets me. We have a dumpster fire of colonialism happening up north, so I’m not surprised by this, but just...come on.

@setsuna she's european, apparently, so i guess that makes her so far departed that she should be able to get away with treating indigenous north american cultures as fashion accessories for her bland ass furry art?

@extinct I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. Also, Poland has been so fucked up politically the last few years, so I’m doubly unsurprised.

The “enemy” bio was pretty alarming.

@setsuna seems like typical clout poisoning. "popufurs" have always tended to think that their status in the community basically gave them armor and made everything they say or do right and good by default

she's got her head too firmly stuffed up her own ass to see the reality and unfortunately, most people don't take native voices seriously, this likely won't have a lot of impact on her popularity as long as she cranks out porn

@extinct We know very little about the furry community despite all of the people we follow, so “popufur” is a new term to us. That’s really interesting.

At any rate, it is really aggravating to see artists still doing this and I’m sorry to see people stanning her.

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