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If you run out of money in the game, you die in real life

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Systems who : Plural Café ( is an instance where collectives of all stripes can express themselves and get to know each other.

Please note that we don’t criticize origins or question legitimacy. Endogenic, traumagenic, quoi-genic, mixed-origin, median, diagnosed, self-diagnosed, and questioning multiples are welcome. 😊☕️

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Bells on bobtails ring,
Making spirits bripe

If you run out of money in the game, you die in real life

Good luck to all the people doing this year! Don't forget: If things are going slow, reach out to people to get motivated again!

You're not alone in this and the reason why everybody is doing it at the same time is to support each other passively and actively!

if I have to read one more piece of fiction about large families that's clearly been written by an only child, I will scream

🐰 I only have one list and it's called "primary snuggle targets"
it's an extremely important list
@starfall @setsuna the only online game we know of having a great community is FFXIV but that's very very not like LoL or DOTA..

@setsuna well, not dota, that's for sure

smite and heroes of the storm felt a bit better on the toxicity front back when i played but i'm not sure what level y'all can handle

our solution was to 5 stack with folks we felt comfortable with and turn off all chat (so we can't see anything from the enemy team), but that's not always a viable solution because it requires 4 other bodies online at the same time

Does anyone have recommendations for a game that’s mechanically and socially similar to League of Legends, but doesn’t have as much toxicity? My system has mused about playing it, but the few players we know have shut us down and said we wouldn’t be safe there. Not sure what our options are.

This is the last time British Columbia does Daylight Savings. We will not spring forward next year.

My birthday was yesterday! I’m 21 now! My birthday gift was opening a tax-free savings account (TFSA) and registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) at my bank. No joke, we’ve been wanting to do this for years. I’m so relieved that we can finally start saving.

Player: If the enemy makes a critical miss on their stab, can they heal you? 😄

GM, skeptical: Can someone be so bad at stabbing that they heal.

Player, defensively: Acupuncture is a thing

Our GM, an American: These foes are in mealy range–

Me: ...mêlée range?


Me: You’re in Canada. Say it right.

GM: Do you call it Zed Zed Top?

Everyone: 😱😭😵

This is an or in a way a as well, we've been around various other places most recently active at @JigmeDatse as that recently returned after a long time down. We've had accounts on other instances, but either the instance is down (probably permenantly) or those accounts have been deleted.

A friend from @setsuna 's system mentioned this instance, so we decided to give it a go.

Not really sure what we can really say right now, as not sure what we're feeling about ourselves. One of our members has gone into hiding (which kind of was to be expected with certain rarely seen family members coming for Thanksgiving last weekend), but had hoped they'd be willing to pop up since, but haven't wanted to push the issue at all.

Currently, we don't think we are following anyone other than Barkeep, but we're keeping things, "open" here for now.

Asking for financial help, Boosts appreciated 

Request for Support 

re: Burnaby North–Seymour Debate 

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