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If you run out of money in the game, you die in real life

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Systems who : Plural Café ( is an instance where collectives of all stripes can express themselves and get to know each other.

Please note that we don’t criticize origins or question legitimacy. Endogenic, traumagenic, quoi-genic, mixed-origin, median, diagnosed, self-diagnosed, and questioning multiples are welcome. 😊☕️

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A short video of our 11-year-old standard poodle, Milo, DEMANDING to be petted. He REFUSES to NOT be petted. How DARE you

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty, Episode 3 

Griffin: Bigfoot and an undead bobcat are fighting.

Clint: Cool. I leave


Clint: Okay. I run them over with my car

Hi all my followers and maybe people I’m following:

Our current host is going to follow you. Her name is Gemma and she is okay to approve.

Carry on!

Stop using singular you! You are defacing the English language! There is no singular you!

We're just over $1k away from :DANCEDANCEDANCE: $25,000 :DANCEDANCEDANCE: in redistribution! 😱

Let's get there!

Learn more about this crowdfund in my latest GoFundMe update!

If you are in need of financial help and want to receive part of these funds, here's a private two-question form:

And as always, please continue to contribute directly to / reshare posts from individuals asking for help as well! 💜

@setsuna "The telephone book: awful plot, but great cast."

"That's not a haircut. That's a cry for help. Hug her." - Jack of all Trades

It’s the bottle episode, but the cast of characters is everyone in the world

Covid is a really good way to find out how many of your normie friends are casual eugenicists

Living through a plague? That’s so metal!

Reporter: Hi, yeah, a bikram yoga studio is claiming that because heat kills the virus, people should come do hot yoga at the studio. Is that the case?

Dr. Henry: What

“Resilience” > “resiliency”

Fight me

Does anyone remember that French comic strip superhero whose power was to cross frames? Like, on the top strip he could rescue a cat by picking him up from the another frame further down in the comic.

It made the rounds on Masto some months ago.

If you run out of money in the game, you die in real life


GM: What’s your initiative?

Me: Sixty-nine. Blaze it 😎

tired: jolene 33rpm version

wired: S L O W L E N E

Capitalist Joke 

Should it be legally considered a town if it does not have a single Starbucks in it

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